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N. Verted Mode is a mode that introduced in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. In this mode, every level is flipped around so that what should be on the left is now on the right and vice versa. Each level also has a different filter depending on which dimension the level belongs to. For example, the levels in Salty Wharf are completely white but your actions will bring back the color. On top of that, the level's soundtrack is slightly different and the clear gems have been replaced with "N. Verted Gems", which are upside-down. The hidden gem is also moved to a different location.

N. Verted Mode also introduces a new type of collectible: the Bumpa Berry, which behaves similarly to the Wumpa Fruit.

Gameplay Tweaks[]

N. Sanity Island[]

  • The level is covered in darkness.
  • You can light up the level by performing a spin, slide, or body slam. Crash or Coco themselves emit a small light that pulsates every two seconds.
  • Level elements are color-coded. Crash, Coco, and checkpoint crates are light-blue, regular crates are brown, hazards such as enemies, TNT crates, and pitfalls are red, ropes are green, platforms that fall are yellow, and bumpa berries are violet.
  • Music is distorted by flange which increases in depth when Crash or Coco perform a spin, slide, or body slam.
  • The theming of the filter is based off submarine sonar radars.

The Hazardous Wastes[]

  • The level has limited render distance.
  • Everything has a neon outline around it; this includes level geometry which will also display its wireframes.
  • Crash's spin is overdrived and sounds like a chainsaw while Coco's spin is still normal.
  • Every so often the level's lighting will flicker and become dim; you can light up the level again by destroying a checkpoint crate (Stage Dive will not dim).
  • Music has a drumbeat; its volume depends on how bright the stage is.

Salty Wharf[]

  • The level geometry is completely blank and has no color.
  • Performing a spin, slide, body slam, grind, hookshot, wall-jump, vacuum hover, or destroying any crate will bring the colors back to the level (Playing Bonus Round and destroying a Flamethrower and Bounce Crate will not get the effect).
  • Destroying a checkpoint crate will bring all the colors back to the level in the vicinity.
  • If a crate hasn't been destroyed for ten seconds, music will have a high-pass filter over it.

Tranquility Falls[]

  • Everything has less saturation and is cell-shaded to simulate traditional Japanese art.
  • No gameplay change.
  • Destroying a checkpoint crate will play a gong.
  • Music is altered with traditional Japanese instruments.

Mosquito Marsh[]

  • Gameplay has been sped up to ×1.25.
  • Everything has less saturation and has shortened render distance.
  • There is visible film grain overlayed to simulate old films from the 1900's.
  • Destroying a checkpoint crate will play ragtime rendition of the regular checkpoint jingle (Off Beat's last checkpoint crate and Home Cookin' level will not play the checkpoint jingle).
  • Music genre has changed to Ragtime and prominently uses a honky-tonk piano for all its tracks.

The 11th Dimension[]

  • Everything is overlayed with comic book tones.
  • Destroying a crate or defeating an enemy will display classic onomatopoeias like "Bam!", "Pow!", "Poof!", and "Wham!". (Defeating enemies will play a sound effect.)
  • Music hasn't been changed.
  • The theming of the filter is based off superhero comic books.

Eggipus Dimension[]

  • The level's art style has been changed to simulate something you'd find in a children's coloring book.
  • color choices have been limited such as water being aquamarine instead of green.
  • Crayon has been chosen as the primary tool for coloring the level.
  • The main path is usually colored while the background elements are only being sketched.
  • The outline circle from countdown crates changed into grey.
  • Music hasn't been changed.

Bermugula's Orbit[]

  • The level geometry has undergone a complex set of changes, achieving an otherworldy look:
    • The colors of most of the level geometry have had their contrast levels inverted and overlayed with a blue-green filter.
    • The lighting itself has been left untouched, so lit and shaded areas remain as they are normally.
    • The edges of all geometry have been given bold black outlines.
  • Level elements such as Crash, Coco, Cortex, Aku-Aku, Wumpa Fruit, Bumpa Berry, Shnurgles, N. Tropy, N. Tropy (F), Crates, TNT Crates, Nitro Crates, lasers, slippery terrain, and enemies all retain their normal colors, in addition to having the aforementioned outlines.
  • Aliens have a chance to speak and communicate with symbols.
  • In A Hole in Space level, the fruit in N. Verted mode is wumpa fruits while in normal mode is bumpa berries (the colors of fruits also switched).
  • Music hasn't been changed.

The Sn@xx Dimension[]

  • Gameplay has been slowed down to ×0.5.
  • The level is submerged in water.
  • As a result of the slowed down gameplay, everything feels floatier.
  • Music is mixed differently and includes steel drums which are primarily used with water levels.

Cortex Island[]

  • Everything is pixelated to simulate retro graphics.
  • An old-school score meter which adds up by destroying crates, entering and finishing bonus round, and defeating enemies is added. But it just a display; didn't give any effect after finishing the level.
  • Regular sound effects like spinning, jumping, sliding, body-slamming, destroying a checkpoint crate, and collecting bumpa berries have been replaced by 8-bit versions.
  • Music is also replaced by an 8-bit rendition.

How to Unlock[]



N. Verted Mode in the Levels[]


  • The N. Verted levels of N. Sanity Island, Mosquito Marsh, and The Sn@xx Dimension are the only N. Verted levels to affect gameplay in any way.
    • N. Sanity Island's affects visibility, causing you to continuously spin to see.
    • Mosquito Marsh increases gameplay speed, giving less control over the player character and less reaction time.
    • The Sn@xx Dimension slows everything down, giving more reaction time.