N. Trance's Helmet is an item used by N. Trance in Crash Nitro Kart to brainwash Dingodile, Polar, and Pura into racing for him in the circuit run by Emperor Velo XXVII. They are small dome-like helmets with antennas jutting out on top. The body of the helmet is pink with an outside yellow layer, reflecting the colors of N. Trance himself.

N. Trance uses hypnosis to control others, and previous victims have shown to be under his influence without the use of helmets (Coco and Crunch in Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced). However, both Coco and Crunch are freed quickly after they are hypnotized. The helmets may have been used to ensure that N. Trance's subjects remain under his mind control, as Dingodile, Polar, and Pura stayed brainwashed for the entirety of the circuit.

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