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This article refers to the HUB World for the game Crash Twinsanity, for the actual place see N. Sanity Island.

N Sanity Island

N. Sanity Island (ヘンテコドッキリじま lit. Strange Candid Island in Japanese) is the starting level in Crash Twinsanity. It is also where the first cutscene occurs.


The beach has many features including, palm trees, beach chairs, umbrellas, and rock columns. There is also a movable wumpa seed, rock, soccer ball, and beach ball. The beach has a water spout with fish falling from it constantly. There is also a nearby island which can be reached via sled. There is a hen house right next to a large amount of nitro crates, and the hens can be used to blow up the crates to collect a gem.

Enemies and Hazards

  • Monkeys - are near the Wumpa trees and try to throw Wumpa fruit at Crash, but no damage is taken unless he touches them.
  • Chickens - do not cause damage and run away from Crash.
  • Crabs - spawn in the sand and damage Crash if he touches them.
  • Greedy Worms - cannot move, but will bite Crash when he is near, causing him harm. They can be body slammed to new holes and can be used as trampolines.
  • Tribesmen - are near the boat that to goes to the Iceberg Lab. They have spears and run to the Crash. If Crash is poked by the spears, he will be harmed.
  • Water - causes Crash to drown when it gets too deep.
  • TNT crates
  • Nitro crates
  • Cliffs - If Crash is too high up and tries to jump down, he will die.


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