This article refers to the HUB World in the game Crash Bandicoot, for other uses see N. Sanity Island (disambiguation).

N. Sanity Island is the first HUB map in the game Crash Bandicoot.

The island appears as a small tropical land with many thick jungles, ancient ruins, beach areas. a big mountain stands in the center of the island, and a big skull is carved on one of the side of the mountains. A big waterfall comes out of a skull and is known as the Skull Rock Waterfall. the structure gives birth to a big river that is connected to the ocean and divides the jungle area from the native's village.

The player must make his way through the jungle to reach the giant wooden gate that borders the native's territory. After reaching the other side, the player must escape the many dangers and traps set by the natives, such as giant rolling boulders, until they reach a large river. after that a boss fight insues against Papu Papu, the chief of the village, and after his defeat the player must traverse the village and the jungles nearby before scaling another wooden gate and get to the second island.

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