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This article refers to the island itself. For the hub world in Crash Twinsanity, see N. Sanity Island (Hub).

N. Sanity Island is the first of the three islands in a small archipelago of islands near the eastern coast of Australia, sometimes called the Wumpa Islands. The island is a tropical paradise similar to the other two islands (before Cortex took over the archipelago and completely destroyed the ecosystem of the third island and part of the other islands later on in the series) with lush rain forests, beaches, and ancient temples: as such, it's sometimes known as the Jungle Island.


The island is usually depicted as a small piece of land with a big mountain in the center in which a big skull is carved in one of the sides (sometimes referred to as Skull Rock). Within Skull Rock, a big waterfall comes down, creating a river that separates the jungle from Papu Papu's village, called Skull Rock Waterfall. The village itself is located in the east part of the island and is protected by two big wooden gates, which the natives patrol constantly.

Later games would introduce new elements to the island, such as a series of caves with wooden structures inside, possibly created by the natives to gather resources from the inside of the mountain, first seen in Crash Twinsanity in the level Cavern Catastrophe.

The island can also be seen partially covered in snow during the events of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, a condition that drastically changed the look of certain parts of the island.

Other than the natives, the island is home to Crash and Coco Bandicoot, the witch doctor (and bandicoots' adoptive father) Aku Aku, their pets Polar, Pura, and Baby T, and their adopted brother Crunch Bandicoot.

One of the most famous and recognizable locations on the island is N. Sanity Beach, a sandy area usually depicted with a big wooden boat shipwrecked on the side and a small narrow path that leads into the mysterious jungles of the island. In Crash Twinsanity this depiction of the beach is dropped in favor of a more open area that extends from Crash's house to the Skull Rock waterfall.

The depiction of the island in Crash Twinsanity is overall quite different from the previous games. The island appears to be smaller in size, with the waterfall located inside the native's territory and far away from N. Sanity Beach, now located right next to the beach. Also, the river is not present anymore and the waterfall leads directly into the ocean. Papu's village was relocated to a high up cliff near the ocean, and the natives' territory is much smaller in scope. A river traverses the island, but it doesn't seem to be related to the waterfall any more. N. Sanity Beach itself has been changed quite a lot, now lacking distinctive characteristics like the big boat shipwrecked on the rocks and looking more like a generic beach area with tropical trees and grass around it. A small hen-house is located here. Farmer Ernest also owns a farm farther into the island.

In the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans, the island is taken over by Cortex and his henchmen, probably due to the fact that Crash and Coco no longer lived there at that point in the series, leaving the island defenseless against the doctor. Cortex built a lair on the east part of the island, while N. Gin partially destroyed the west part of the island to build his factory, where he built the parts needed by Cortex to finish his Cortexbot.




  • The island had at least 2 different names during the pitching and development of Crash Bandicoot: South Padre Island and Gilligan' Island. At that time, N. Sanity Island was the name of Cortex Island, with the N standing for North.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic جزيرة إن سانيتي
jazirat 'iin saniti
(Same as English)
Traditional Chinese 癲狂島
Diānkuáng dǎo
Mad Island
Simplified Chinese 癫狂岛
Diānkuáng dǎo
Mad Island
French Île N. Sanity (Same as English)
German N. Sanity Insel (Same as English)
Italian Isola N. Sanity (Same as English)
Japanese ヘンテコドッキリじま
Hentekodokkiriji ma
Strange Candid Island
Portuguese Ilha N. Sanity (Same as English)
Thai เกาะเอ็ม.เเซมมิตื้
Keāa xĕm.Esem mitụ̄̂
(Same as English)
Vietnamese Đảo N. Sanity (Same as English)