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N. Gin Labs (スーパー かそくトンネル lit. Super Accelerating Tunnel in Japanese) is the 13th race course in Crash Team Racing and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It is part of Citadel City and is based on the levels The Lab and Toxic Waste from Crash Bandicoot. The unlockable battle arena, Lab Basement, is very similar to this track. As its name suggests, it is N. Gin's home track. It features many small jumps, as well as one large, a giant rolling barrel which can squash racers, possibly knocking them off the track, and a very long tunnel full of turbos. In time trial mode, it has the largest amount of time boxes compared to the other tracks in the game.

It is featured in the Crash Cup (along with Polar Pass, Hot Air Skyway and Slide Coliseum) and in the Blue Gem Cup (with Sewer Speedway, Tiger Temple and Dragon Mines), where it is the final race course. It's also one of the first races available to race on in Citadel City, the other being Cortex Castle.

CTR challenge

  • C: At the first jump. The player must jump high toward the left, and avoid falling off the edge
  • T: After the last jump, across one of the holes. It is very difficult if using Pura or Polar without falling in the hole.
  • R: At the second jump. A particularly high jump is not needed.

Relic Race

Number of Crates: 70

The following times are needed to gain relics:



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