This article refers to a place in the main version of Crash of the Titans. For the level with a similar name from the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans see N-Gin's Factory.

N. Gin's Weapons Factory was a large statue-like building formely found off the coast of N.Sanity Island. It is the fourth area that Crash Bandicoot enters in Crash of the Titans on his venture to rescue his sister Coco from the clutches of Nina Cortex, who is making her build the Doominator against her will. On the outside, the Weapons Factory appeared as a gigantic statue version of Doctor N. Gin dressed and posing as the Statue of Liberty.

The factory constantly bombards the surrounding area with missiles shot out of the spikes of the factory's crown in an attempt to hinder anyone that came near. The factory's entrance was located on the statue's bare buttocks. The inside of the factory was filled with weapons and machinery as well as various offices where N. Gin's henchmen, the Doom Monkeys, either labored or simply messed around. The factory was littered with intercom speakers, through which N. Gin would communicate to his workers, making announcements, singing inspirational songs or alerting the workers of Crash's presence. In the crown of the factory was a gigantic pipe organ, which N. Gin would play while his Titans fended off Crash once he finally got to the crown.

The factory was built for the purpose of building explosive weapons for the Doominator robot in construction at the time. When the Doominator was disabled and abandoned, the factory suffered the same fate and was dumped at the Junkyard, where Brio was creating new NV devices for Doctor Neo Cortex. The head of the abandoned factory serves as the hideout for Brio and the brainwashed Crunch in Crash: Mind over Mutant. The head also serves as the site of Crash's battle against N. Brio, who is defeated when Crash uses Crunch against him. In the game, the head's entrance was through its nostril.


There are many rooms throughout the factory, with the first being the office room, where Doom Monkeys work, and cause chaos. The next is a long hallway leading to a room seemingly creating weapons by hammering items by stamping them. The next is the freezer room, where Crash first meets the Ratcicles. There is a generator room here too. The next is a massive room used for constructing weapons. There is a room where parts for weapons are burned and cut. Then there is a room with three doors, and one of them leading to the crown. The Crown room has four doors, and a large pipe organ that N. Gin would play. There is a newly constructed room in MOM, which Brio uses as Headquarters.

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