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There! To the sea I tell you! Our salvation floats across the briny blue! We must reach N. Gin's battleship and quickly before it sets sail! But how? Think Cortex, think!

N. Gin's Battleship was a massive, rat-infested battleship owned by N. Gin in Crash Twinsanity, where it was Doctor N. Gin's base of operations located near the Iceberg Lab. The weaponry on the ship is mainly massive missiles and torpedoes. The ship was prominently featured in the High Seas Hi-Jinks level. The battleship makes an appearance in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, on the track Megamix Mania. Part of the track takes place in the abandoned remains of the battleship.


The battleship seemingly sank after Crash defeated N. Gin, causing N. Gin to fall on dozens of TNT crates that were lying on an iceberg next to the ship and accidentally set them off. The ship was likely never repaired or recovered after the incident, as evident by its destroyed remains in the Nitro-Fueled track, Megamix Mania.


Most of the crew are genetically enhanced rhinos wearing red shirts and white bandanas. The cook of the ship is a walrus named Rusty. The fate of the crew is unknown when the battleship was destroyed.


Crash Twinsanity

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled


  • The deck of the battleship was originally going to be a playable area.
  • There are several enemies that were going to be featured on N. Gin's battleship before they were scrapped: A rhino wielding a sword, a platypus carrying a bomb and wielding a plunger, snakes that carry daggers in their mouths while hiding in barrels, and a rhino shooting a cannon.