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N-Trapment Island is an island that appears in the DS version of Crash of the Titans. It is located east of Wumpa Island and northeast of N. Sanity Island, and is the third island visited by Crash in the game.


Pre-Crash of the Titans[]

The island probably once had civilization, and was a largely forested area. It was never mentioned or even seen in a previous Crash game.

Cortexbot Construction[]

When Tiny Tiger and his minions arrived after their meeting with Cortex on Wumpa Island, they immediately began their mass deforestation, scarring the landscape and turning over half the island into a vast desert. Whatever civilization existed on the island was presumably wiped out upon their arrival.

Nina's Interference[]

After visiting N. Gin to try and persuade him to betray Neo Cortex, Nina Cortex travels to the island to try and find Tiny and persuade him to do the same. On the way, she uses the Mutate-O-Raygun 3000 (a handheld version of the Evolvo-Ray) to mutate some of the indigenous wildlife that survived Tiny's takeover. Surprisingly, most of the animals seen in this section seem to be farm animals, suggesting that the N-Trapment society could have been farmers.

One Mutant Against Many[]

After defeating N. Gin on the west side of N. Sanity Island, Crash travels by ferry to obtain the two Power Crystals located on the island. First of all, he enters N-Trapment Temple, which takes up just under half of the island, where he finds many menacing mutants awaiting him, intent on destroying the orange marsupial. Upon obtaining the crystal, Crash then travels to Tiny's excavation to locate the other. Here he is faced with yet more mutants as he desperately searches for the means of Cortex' downfall. After a long and grueling battle, our furry hero emerges victorious, another power crystal in hand. He then tracks down Tiny Tiger, and the two of them fight whilst riding Armydillos. Crash inevitably beats Tiny, and proceeds to the east side of N. Sanity Island, to prepare for his showdown with Cortex.