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Yo ho ho in a bottle of Wumpa Whip! Ahoy Matey! Batten down your hatches and swab my poop deck, says I. Heh. Avast there, ye swabs! Salty venture awaits thee beyond these cursed portals o' doom! Heh, heh, heh.

Mystery Island is the first hub in Crash Tag Team Racing. The world has a pirate theme and features a large pirate ship in the middle of it. It also features three race tracks, each named with a connection to pirates or underwater. The name of the three tracks are: Tiki Turbo, Pirates of the Carburetor and Deep Sea Driving. Additionally, there is a battle arena called Jungle Rumble. The world has many Die-O-Ramas that involve being eaten by sharks, getting shot out of a cannon, squished by gears and being blown up by monkeys. It also features two Gags for Crash to find and initiate.

Like every other world in the game, there is a jump pad which needs to use a certain amount of crystals in order to get to the next power gem. In this case, eight are needed to access it. The jump pad is located next to Cortex, who is the only other playable character that is seen in Mystery Island.

The track Deep Sea Driving also has a secret shortcut that can be accessed by shooting a cannon at a ship, causing it to drop onto the track.

List of things that can be found in this hub[]


  • Die-O-Rama 4: Poultry's Revenge - By the third race entrance, there is a platform with a red "X" on it. Belly flop the red "X" and it will lead you to an area with the same cannon for the secret shortcut. Press Triangle.
  • Die-O-Rama 10: Monkey Business - Near the stunt arena and after you jump across the water pit that has the tiki looking head, there is a "!" sign. Press Triangle on the sign to activate the Die-O-Rama.
  • Die-O-Rama 12: Holey Crash - In the entrance of Mystery Island, go to the right until you see a yellow sign with a "!" on it. Press Triangle on the sign to get the Die-O-Rama.
  • Die-O-Rama 14: Sharked - Also in the entrance of Mystery Island, go near the ship and you should see a sign with a shark on it. Press Triangle on the sign to get the Die-O-Rama.
  • Die-O-Rama 19: Shifting Gears - Before you cross the bridge to get to Neo Cortex, there should be a some gears along the wall where the waterfall is. Press Triangle on the gears to get the Die-O-Rama.
  • Die-O-Rama 24: Nature Strikes Back - There is a tree near the second race entrance. Press Square near the tree to get the Die-O-Rama.
  • Die-O-Rama 32: Jawed - Fall anywhere in the water by the ship when you enter Mystery Island.


  • Gag 1: Mr. Big Shot - Go to a cannon that a Park Drone is scrubbing. Press Triangle on the cannon's fuse to initiate the gag.
  • Gag 11: Shark Bait - When you jump on the island from the ship hop onto the second one. Press Triangle on the lever to initiate the gag.


Crash Bandicoot[]

Neo Cortex[]



The race tracks in Mystery Island are:

Race Rewards[]

  • 1st: 500 (25% bonus: 625, 50% bonus: 750) + 2 Power Crystals
  • 2nd: 300 (25% bonus: 375, 50% bonus: 450)
  • 3rd: 250 (25% bonus: 313, 50% bonus: 375)
  • 4th: 125 (25% bonus: 156, 50% bonus: 188)
  • 5th: 100 (25% bonus: 125, 50% bonus: 150)
  • 6th: 75 (25% bonus: 94, 50% bonus: 113)
  • 7th: 50 (25% bonus: 63, 50% bonus: 75)
  • 8th: 25 (25% bonus: 31, 50% bonus: 38)


  • Gold: 300 (25% bonus: 375, 50% bonus: 450) + 1 Power Crystal
  • Silver: 200 (25% bonus: 250, 50% bonus: 300)
  • Bronze: 150 (25% bonus: 188, 50% bonus: 225)
  • Finish: 50
  • New Record: 200

Battle Arena[]



  • The way Crash acquires the Power Gem in this level is a parody of the 1981 action adventure movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the main protagonist Indiana Jones (portrayed by Harrison Ford) retrieves a golden idol from a booby-trapped temple in Peru. Crash does it in the exact same way as Indiana Jones, with placing a bag full of sand on the spot where the Power Gem was.
  • The music for this World is Jamaican themed.
  • Two of the levels in this world share their names with stages from previous Crash Bandicoot games, with Jungle Rumble sharing its name with the sixth level from Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, while Deep Sea Driving with the race track from Crash Nitro Kart.
  • One of the this world's music is a remix of "Worm Chase" from Crash Twinsanity, which is another partial arrangement of The Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss II.

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