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Mystery Caves (カメカメ せいてつじょ lit. Iron Factory of Turtles in Japanese) is a race course in Crash Team Racing and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It is raced on in the Nitro Cup (as well as Papu's PyramidCortex Castle, and Tiny Arena) and the Red Gem Cup (along with Crash Cove, Papu's Pyramid and Blizzard Bluff). It is the third race course of the game.

The course begins in a cave where some tikis are in the background. Down the hill, there is a pond where two turtles act as springboards when driven into. The racers can jump off them for speed boosts as well. The track splits into two when the racers get to the lavafall area. Giant fireballs jump in and out of the lava, and may even hit racers. At this point, several racers may fall into one of the chasms, and by the time Aku-Aku/Uka-Uka recovers the unlucky racer/s and return them to the track, they will be far behind the others. After this, the course goes through a long cave with two turtle ponds in the front. Then, you go into a doorway where another turtle pond is located and eventually the finish line. In Adventure Mode, the track is located in N. Sanity Beach, across from Ripper Roo's boss garage.



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