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This page contains all texts related to Mr. Crumb's Dimension of Screams as well as the renders used to illustrate them.

Used Scripts[]

General Scripts[]

Render Script
Description SeasonImage season06 "Mr. Crumb plans to send the bandicoots to a truly terrifying dimension… his own!"
Intro OTR Mr. Crumb 2.0 "Your grins shall become grimaces when I banish you to the Dimension of Screams!"
Outro OTR Mr. Crumb 2.0 "Boo! I shall rise again, or as we say in the Dimension of Screams—AIIIIEEEEE!!!"

Mission Board Scripts[]

Render Script
Missions 1 Season06 Crumb Pose03 "Round the clock nightmares, misery, and fear await you. How's that for service?"
Missions 2 Season06 NitrusBrio Pose01 "Brio have big good idea. Bandicoots... bandi-CRUSH! Trick for you. Treat for me!"
Missions 3 Season06 Gnork Pose01 "Tryin’ to beat me? Hope ya got your tombstone picked out ‘cause I’m scary good!"
Missions 4 Season06 DarkSpyro Pose01 "Back for more? Me too! And this time I will leave no stone un-scorched!"
Missions 5 OTR Mr. Crumb 2.0 "Though dead, I am far livelier competition than my minions! Run while you can!"
Missions Completed (Generic) Same render as its corresponding set of missions. "Mission Completed!"

Unused Scripts[]


Teaser "Dare to go skull to skull against us? Prepare to finish dead last!"