Mr. Crumb (or Crooncrool Crumb, internally during game development) is an evil ghost and the main antagonist of the 1998 handheld game Crash Bandicoot 99X.


Mr. Crumb was a miserly, friendless and selfish old man with a big mansion hiding a huge treasure. His estate is rumored to be full of ghosts, restlessly wandering the mansion grounds, causing trouble to any who dare come there. Some say Crumb made an evil deal on his deathbed to awake the ghosts to guard his gold. He was so selfish that at the last, his unholy spirit would remain on Earth and keep the hoard safe forever. It is said the undead have risen from their graves and walk the night. Zombies break from their ancient underground crypts and search for souls. Spirits of the forest make the woods impassable. And the ghost of Mr. Crumb himself walks the dusty halls of his mansion hideaway. 

Crash, tempted by the allure of "forbidden treasure" and the rumours surrounding the mansion being haunted, dares to enter Mr. Crumb's mansion to try and collect it. Along the way, he finds himself up against Mr. Crumb's undead army.



First meeting of Mr. Crumb and Crash Bandicoot

Mr. Crumb looks like a ghost with huge hands and long fingers. He is wearing a black cloth. His head is a big skull with eyes and his jaw is loose from his head, showing a bad tongue. According to one of the developers of the video game, the character and his appearance is based on Looney Tunes' character Count Bloodcount


Mr. Crumb is very miserly and scurvy. He never had any friends and never intended to have any. What was important to him was his immense treasure that he would protect until death and beyond. He is also very vain and evil, so much so that he comes to terms with supernatural beings to achieve his goals. The character doesn't have a voice in the game, as he only has the audio file of a scream when he gets hit. But in an interview with a developer, Mr. Crumb would have a Scottish accent. 


  • Mr. Crumb is the first character, as well as the first villain, not created by Naughty Dog.
  • Mr. Crumb's physiognomy is similar to that of the Grimly.

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