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Mr. Crool is an evil scarecrow head and the main antagonist of the 1998 Crash Bandicoot LCD game.


Mr. Crool's story is very similar to Mr. Crumb's: the only differences are that the spirit does not turn into a ghost but into a scarecrow head, and the entire story is not set in Mr. Crumb's mansion. As a simplier LCD game, it doesn't feature any henchmen for Mr. Crool.


Physical description[]

Mr crool vs crash

Photo of the LCD game While Crash and Mr. Crool confront each other.

Mr. Crool is a scarecrow head with a wide-visor hat, two big ears, two very large beady eyes and a sewn-on smiling mouth. According to one of the developers of the video game, George Fergan, the character and his appearance is based on Waldo, the character from the "Where's Waldo?" book.

Behind-the-scenes information[]

According to George Fergan[1], one of the developers of the game Crash Bandicoot (LCD Tiger game) and Crash 99x, their small team was divided: some people wanted to make Mr. Crumb, while others wanted to make Mr. Crool. The solution came when the team decided to use both characters for two different versions of the game. Mr. Crumb would appear as the main villain in the most powerful version, Tiger 99x, while Mr. Crool would appear as the main villain in the LCD version.



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