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Mount Wumpa is the tutorial level in Crash of the Titans for the Nintendo DS.

The level begins in the jungle with Cortex giving the player a tutorial about the game's mechanics. From here the player must traverse through the dense jungle and defeat the enemies to reach the top of the mountain. Once the player has reached the top of the mountain, a brief cutscene with Cortex plays. We learn that not only has he imprisoned Aku Aku, but he has also imprisoned the other Tiki Masks.

After the cutscene plays, Cortex summons a wave of stronger mutants to attack the player. This is when Aku Aku tells Crash to free him and that he will need his powers in order to defeat the mutants and take control of their powers. After the mutants are defeated, Cortex flees and Crash and Aku Aku set off on their adventure to the other islands to collect the mojo power.




  • Mount Wumpa is mentioned through dialogue in Skylanders: Imaginators when Cortex or a generic Skylander talks to Aku Aku, who says to meet Spyro in a village at the base of the location.[1]