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Moneybags is a character originally from the Spyro the Dragon series, only appearing in the Crash Bandicoot series in the crossover title, Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage.

History with the Crash Bandicoot series[]

Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage[]

In Purple, Moneybags runs the Spinning Wheel Shop, being the game's main method of obtaining trading cards. He plays a similar role that he does in his native series, requiring the player pay him for his important items or services, though it's to a much smaller extent, with the trading cards being merely optional collectables not necessary for progression.

Crash Team Rumble[]

Moneybags has a minor role in Rumble, being present as a relic station on the Summer Forest map. Upon being activated and interacted with, he grants the player a sack of Gems that behaves very similarly to the Wumpa Stash Power. Should the player already have an active Wumpa Stash at the time, Moneybags will fill it instantly and increase its value by 20 Gems. Moneybags is also referenced in the Capitalist Croc skin for Dingodile, which is themed after him.

Other appearances[]

While Moneybags himself did not appear in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!, a Moneybags themed skin for Crash was added in Season 3: Battle of the Dragons.


Physical description[]

Moneybags is a large brown bear, usually seen wearing a black tuxedo with a cravat, dress shoes and a monocle, also almost always carrying a white sack of gems. In Purple, his attire changes depending on the level he's in. In Wumpa Jungle and Fire Mountains, he is shirtless, wearing only a grass skirt, a shell necklace and his usual monocle. In Arctic Cliffs, he wears a purple winter coat with his cravat sticking out of it, a furry hood, black winter boots and his monocle. In Dragon Castles and Tech Park his appearance resembles that of in Spyro: A Hero's Tail, with a purple vest over a white shirt, baggy purple pants with a stripy green belt and red shoes. He still has his monocle, and forgoes Hero's Tail Moneybags' fez.


Moneybags is greedy, money-grubbing upper-class bear who frequently gates Spyro's progression in his adventures for his own profit. He is a deceitful conman, forcing Spyro to pay massive fees in gems in return for things such as teaching him a skill, opening a pathway or releasing imprisoned allies. In Purple he seems a little more benevolent, simply running a business selling trading cards, though true to his name, he's still obsessed with money.

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