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The Mojo Temple is a location in Crash of the Titans. It is an ancient temple where Crash and Aku Aku traveled to in order to prevent Cortex from stealing all the mojo from the temple.

Outside, the temple looks like a gorilla holding a dish. Inside, it appears to be a maze. The temple contains a large amount of mojo and has several rooms, easily confusing anyone who enters. The rooms have their entry/exit in the shape of a monkey with a tongue as a ramp. Passing through all the rooms will lead to the top of the temple, which contains an arena. The structure of the temple is based on that of the Indiana Jones movie "The Temple of Doom", as well as the title of the fourth level of Crash of the Titans, Episode 4: The Temple of Zoom, which occurs inside the temple.



The entrance is a hall with large hole and vine-swinging is the only way to get past it.

Main Hall[]

The main hall is located in the middle of the temple. It's the only access to the rooms. There are five stairways leading to the rooms.

Room 1/Red Room[]

Inside the red room, there are puzzles to be solved. First, turn on the first switch on the right of the room and a Spike will appear. Use Spike to destroy the wall and turn on the other switch. A Snipe will appear; use the Snipe to destroy the two targets and the puzzle is solved. Proceed to the next area up the monkey statue and read the monolith to do the Air Grind. Slide to the end of the area and get out of the room.

Room 2/Green Room[]

Inside the green room, there are Ratnicians in the bowl, finish them and play the minigame. Slide to the end of the room again.

Room 3/Arena[]

Crash will appear on the tower and Cortex's blimp can be seen sipping the mojo pond. Destroy the first Spybot behind Crash and move to the pond. There, he will face Yuktopus. The other spybots appear on the side of the pond.