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Crash retrieving the Power Gem in the Midway

The Midway is the first and main hub in Crash Tag Team Racing that is connected to all five of the lands. In this area, Crash can receive car and weapon missions from the other characters as well play various mini-games. Alongside this, there is a selection of humorous Die-O-Ramas and gags to view.

Crash first accesses the Midway after he comes down the elevator from the meeting with Von Clutch. As soon as he enters the Midway he gets the first power gem. Further down the path is Coco and a bridge leading to the entrance to Mystery Island. Even further down is N. Gin and a lava-like place with the sign for Tyrannosaurus Wrecks above it.

Keep going and Crash will meet Pasadena and Crunch as well as a huge pit with the entrance to Astro Land on the other side. A little further on is Cortex, a selection of theme park features including a love tester, a photo booth, an arcade stand, and a small turtle ride, which leads to the entrance to Tomb Town and the chicken commentators, Chick and Stew. At the end of the main path is the entrance to Happily Ever Faster, Nina, Von Clutch, and a bowling area. There is also a fast-moving platform to take Crash to the entrance of Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

List of things that can be found in this hub[]


  • Die-O-Rama 5: Mechanic Monday - Near the Tomb Town entrance and Penny Arcade stand, there is a car on a jack. Press Square near the car to get the Die-O-Rama.
  • Die-O-Rama 26: Tough Chicken - Near Crash's show case and the entrance to Happily Ever Faster, you will find Chick and Stew. Press Square near Stew.
  • Die-O-Rama 30: Heavy Metal - Near the bowling building and the mini-game drone, there is a vending machine. Press Triangle near the vending machine.
  • Die-O-Rama 31: Big Bang Theory - Near N. Gin's display case, there is a rocket and some explosives. Press Square when you are near them to get the Die-O-Rama.


  • Gag 7: Love Tester - Go to the pink machine near Nina. Press Triangle to initiate the Gag.
  • Gag 9: Photo Booth - It's located near the entrance to Tomb Town, go to the left and you'll see a camera sign. Press Triangle near the booth to initiate the Gag.


  • This is the only hub area to feature mini-games, car upgrades and humans.
  • Unlike those in other areas, the Wumpa Coins, Wumpa Whip and Coin Crates in the Midway will not respawn if Crash goes somewhere else. Instead, they will respawn if all the vehicles and weapons in a tier are unlocked.
  • This is the only one area that does not have its own race track.
  • This is the least dangerous hub; hence why there are humans here.