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Melt Panic is the eleventh level, the third Polar Push arena and the second stage of the third warp room in Crash Bash. Uka Uka will be melting the edges of the ice, making the arena much smaller. Should players run underneath Uka Uka's beam, they shall be affected by one of the following:

  • Freeze - Freezes the characters, making them completely immobilized until the effect wears off, leaving them able to be pushed around by other players.
  • Shrink - Shrinks the character's size, making it easier to be pushed off.
  • Snowball - Turns the character into a giant snowball. In this state, a character has limited movement and are easy to push around.
  • Weight - Drops a 500-pound weight on a character's head. After a ten-second countdown, it immediately kills the possessing player. It can be passed with contact. Players carrying the weight should pass it off while other players would want to avoid collecting it.


  • Trophy : Win three times.
  • Gem : Win a round in 25 seconds (20 for 2 player-story).
  • Crystal : Win a round without the ability to save yourself from falling.
  • Gold Relic : Win twice against the champions of the arena.
  • Platinum Relic : Win three times against the champions.



Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Japanese ガッチン とけメルト
Gatchin toke meruto


  • This is the only Polar Push arena where the beam always does something bad to the characters who run underneath it.