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Mega-Mix (だっしゅつせよ! lit. Run Out! in Japanese) is only fought in Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure as an extra boss of the game. To access the level, Crash must obtain all of the crystals and gems, as well as get a gold or platinum relic on every level, and then defeat Dr. Cortex.

Crash Bandicoot must escape Mega-Mix and the Planetary Minimizer. The level has a clear gem for breaking all the crates, but Crash doesn't have to break the boxes since Mega-Mix will break all of the boxes himself. The only way to complete the level and not get the gem is if Crash finishes the level before Mega-Mix reaches the last nitro crate. This level has no time trial.


  • Spiked Shell - These shells will open revealing their spikes. Crash can jump over them or spin them away when the shell is covering the spikes. If he touches the spikes or the shell, he dies.
  • Plasma Gate - These orange plasma gates are always on. Crash will die if he touches them, so he must jump or crawl under them.
  • UFO - The lab assistants piloting these vehicles act as obstacles and some use tractor beams to stop Crash. He must jump on these guys to defeat them as they will vaporize him otherwise.
  • Sparky Tentacle Bot Units - These bug-shaped robots wander in Crash's path. They have a defensive strategy to electrocute themselves by bringing up their six legs together, and create a small electrical current so that Crash can not attack.