The Medium Ant is a cut variant of the Ant Drones. They were much larger than the small Ants and could give orders to them in battle.


He would have been a much larger Ant, bearing four arms. According to a 3D model picture, he is taller than Crash as well. He would be a more high-tech Ant than the others, and would have a violet/purple and blue color. His second pair of arms would be much smaller than the upper ones and he would have had a vent-like mouth similar to Darth Vader from Star Wars instead of the other Ants who actually have mouths with teeth.


Crash Bandicoot: Evolution

The Medium Ant was meant to appear in Crash Bandicoot Evolution among other cut Ant types.

Crash Twinsanity

Its 3D model is seen in the Unseen Gallery.


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