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Dragon Drop

Medieval Mayhem is a minigame genre in Crash Bash. It is the last minigame genre introduced and unlike all the others, the minigames are all very different. The only thing they have in common is that they have a medieval setting (based on the medieval levels of Crash Bandicoot: Warped) and they are all point-based. There are four Medieval Mayhem mini-games: Ring Ding, Dragon Drop, Mallet Mash and Keg Kaboom. The latter three are all in Warp Room 5, while Ring Ding is in Warp Room 4.

In battle and tournament modes, the Medieval Mayhem minigames are not available from the beginning, and can be unlocked when a player unlocks them in adventure mode.

Character Abilities[]

There are no character-specific abilities for this set of minigames. However, each character has a different colored hovercraft and each type rides a different animal in Dragon Drop :


Ring Ding[]

In this level, players have to burst the balloons of their own color to score points. There are also new items:

  • Vacuum cleaner: The balloons of the player's color will come to that player. If hit by an opponent, the vacuum cleaner is lost.  
  • Hover boots: This item allows the player to move in any direction.
  • Black balloons: If the player bursts these balloons, there are three different effects: changing the direction of the arena, burst all of the opponents' balloons, or temporarily turn all the balloons to the player's color.

Dragon Drop[]

In this level, the players must touch a jewel (purple or green) that is on the ground, pick it up, and shoot it at a rolling target. At 45 seconds from the end, a third blue jewel appears.

Mallet Mash[]

In this level the player has to crush mushrooms using a mallet. More points are scored when the mushroom is shaking. Regular and red mushrooms are worth 2, 3 or 5 while gold mushrooms are worth 10, 15 or 20. There are also purple crates who contain a shock wave or speedy boots.

Keg Kaboom[]

In this level, the player must go immediately into two fire creatures for catching gunpowder and hold the square button. Then you have to touch the barrels and get points. The most common barrels are brown and worth 2, 4, 6, 8 and then every 10. Silver barrels are worth 10 while gold barrels are worth 20. If the player loses the gunpowder by lifting up on square button, the player must go back to the fire creatures: furthermore the brown barrels will be worth 2 to 10 points again. Sometimes shock waves appear on the floor.