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Mecha-bandicoot as seen in Crash Twinsanity.

Meet your brand new, hydraulically operated twin brother: Mecha Bandicoot!

Mecha-Bandicoot is a large mech modelled after Crash Bandicoot from Crash Twinsanity, presumably built by N. Gin. The robot was first introduced as a boss fight after the battle between Crash and Cortex, piloted by N. Gin.

It is equipped with a chainsaw arm, a rocket launcher arm, and plasma blasts fired from its nose, which have the same effect as Cortex's ray gun. After being defeated, it isn't seen again until the final battle against the Evil Twins in the 10th Dimension. Its current state is unknown.




  • It is unknown how Mecha-Bandicoot got to the 10th Dimension; N. Gin may have taken it there in order to get the treasure of the Evil Twins or Cortex had put it in storage in his lab, which Crash went back to get for after the fight. It could have been possible that Crash went back to the mines in his dimension to get it, as of which that could explain why he left before Nina fights the Evil Twins.
  • When the fight with Mecha-Bandicoot begins, it is shown to be able to jump very high, but when it is playable, it can't jump very high.
  • It is unknown how Crash learned how to operate Mecha-Bandicoot so quickly.
    • According to a cut cutscene, Mecha-Bandicoot is equipped with an electric brain. The brain has Crash's cerebral patterns programmed into it, which Aku Aku doubts was wise after Crash started sucking on a light bulb that shocked him.
  • Mecha-Bandicoot was originally going to be playable in the cut level, Ocean Commotion, but was removed for unknown reasons.
  • In one piece of concept art, it shows Mecha having a drill instead of a chainsaw.
  • Its ammo icon is a picture of Cortex's ray gun instead of being a rocket, which was cut from the game.
  • Mecha's chainsaw would have been another attack when it was playable.
  • He would also have an ability of moving sideways, just like playing as Cortex by pressing the R1 and L2 buttons.
  • When Mecha is playable and dies, sometimes it will pose a glitchy animation of its death.
  • Mecha-Bandicoot's icon is simply its own head, much like the other playable characters.
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