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Mecha-Bandicoot is a large mech modeled after Crash Bandicoot from Crash Twinsanity, presumably built by Doctor Neo Cortex and Doctor N. Gin.


Crash Bandicoot & Spyro Adventure World[]

Mecha-Bandicoot has an early-bird cameo in Raygun Alley, where it appears as a target in later levels.

Crash Twinsanity[]

The robot was first introduced as a boss fight after the battle between Crash and Cortex, piloted by N. Gin.

After being defeated, it isn't seen again until the final battle against the Evil Twins in the 10th Dimension, where Crash uses it to destroy the Deathbot. Its current state is unknown.


The main method of attack for those piloting the Mecha-Bandicoot are its hands; its right hand is a giant chainsaw, while the left has a rocket launcher. Another weapon featured in its design is a plasma gun in its nose, which functions similarly to Cortex's ray gun.

In its beta model, Mecha-Bandicoot was shown to have a giant drill instead of the chainsaw. Even earlier in development, in some concept art featuring it, it had a robotic hand instead of a missile launcher.




  • In one piece of concept art, it shows Mecha having a drill instead of a chainsaw.
    • This drill was present on an early model of Mecha-Bandicoot, which is visible in the demo.
  • According to a deleted cutscene, Mecha has an electronic brain programed just like Crash's own mind.