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Manic Panic (ガッチン ボムなげ lit. Takedown Bomb-throw in Japanese) is the fourth and final Polar Push arena, the second level in of the fourth warp room and the seventeenth stage in Crash Bash.

Special Items

  • Bomb - Player lose their polar bear when they are attacked by a bomb the first time, and then die if attacked by a bomb for a second time. Bombs are collected from the ice and players can throw them by pressing Circle.
  • Lightning - After a ten-second countdown, opponents of possessing player will be temporarily stunned. Can be passed with contact. Players carrying the lightning should try to hold on to it, while other players try to collect it. The stunned players will be unable to move for six seconds.
  • Weight - After a ten-second countdown, immediately kills possessing player. Can be passed with contact. Players carrying the weight should pass it off while other players would want to avoid collecting it.


  • Trophy: Win 3 times.
  • Gem: Win 1 round in 30 seconds (25 for 2P story).
  • Crystal: Start by walking on-foot.
  • Gold Relic: Win against the champions 2 times in a row.
  • Platinum Relic: Win against the champions 3 times in a row.



  • If the player shoots bombs at Rilla Roo, he uses Dingodile's sound clip.
  • In the demo version, Crash's shoes are left behind regardless of who gets blown up. This was changed in the final version.
  • If the player shoots bombs at the skating players, they will blow up and leave a black mark. A splash sound can be heard after the mark is gone.
  • If the player hits someone with a bomb just before the weight falls on him/her, it is seen that they are in a pose as if they were flung off their polar bear just as the weight crushes them.
  • The easiest way to complete this level in adventure mode is to either bomb the opponents until time runs out or by playing as Cortex or Brio and get to this level. Have a bomb and a full charge meter. Then:
    1. Look for the targets to hit the bomb with (make sure they are close to the edge).
    2. Hit the target with the bomb with accuracy.
    3. Quickly charge (do not miss) into the target just as he/she gets hit and try and knock them off the edge.