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The Mammoth is a kart available in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, which was introduced in the Back N. Time Grand Prix. It appears to be built out of beige bones and blue-gray stone, all bound together with rope. It has two tusks at the front, and is covered in patches of ruddy brown dinosaur skin.

Most of the assets could be unlocked during the Back N. Time Grand Prix by filling up the Nitro Gauge and progressing through the tiers. Its Paint Job, Mammoth Brown, is unlocked upon reaching 11000 Nitro Points, the body at 21000 Nitro Points, and the wheels at 25000 Nitro Points. Extra Decals can be unlocked from the Pit Stop or through further Grand Prix completion.


  • The Mammoth slightly resembles a boar-like kart meant to be used in the unreleased Crash Team Racing reboot, due to the both of them being brown and having two tusks adorned to each side.

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