Madame Amberly shooting bells at Cortex

Madame Amberly is a boss in Crash Twinsanity.

Crash Twinsanity

On his way out of the Academy of Evil, Cortex is confronted by Madame Amberly by a set of giant organ pipes. They get into a dispute and then a battle engages.

Madame Amberly will zap the lids sealing the pipes, pulling them opening and releasing a deadly gas that will harm Cortex. She will try to corner Cortex by pulling the lids off close to him. Cortex can close the lids by shooting at them. After a little while, Amberly will summon a group of flying bells that will slowly move towards Cortex and harm him if touched. Cortex must shoot the bells which fire back at Amberly causes her to turn around while momentarily stunned. Cortex can then shoot the control box holding the ropes supporting Madame Amberly. Repeat this strategy two more times and Madame Amberly falls into the toxic waste pit. The only change of difficulty in the fight is that the number of bells will double after taking the first hitpoint.


  • Madame Amberly, along with Mecha-Bandicoot, Tikimon, Evil Twins, Evil Crash, and Farmer Ernest are the only newly introduced characters in Twinsanity.
  • Madame Amberly is one of the three female characters ever fought as a boss. The first is Coco and the second is Nina.
  • If the player fails to shoot all the bells, Madame Amberly will taunt Cortex for it.
  • Even if you don't manage to close off all pipes by the time Amberly moves on, they will close themselves.
  • There is a method where the player stands between the pipes, causing her to target one of them; however, this doesn't cause any harm to Cortex.
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