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Madame Amberley is a boss who appears in Crash Twinsanity. She is the headmistress of the Academy of Evil.


Crash Twinsanity[]

As Cortex and Crash go to bring Nina Cortex along with them to fix the Psychetron, Cortex unexpectedly reunites with his old headmistress Madame Amberley and must defeat her in order to escape the Academy. Before the battle, Amberley berates and mocks Cortex and his ambitions, with Cortex attempting to retort while cowering. During their battle, she will mock Cortex if he fails to deal damage to her. The fight ends with her last remaining suspension rope snapping and leaving Amberley to fall down with a loud scream.

Other appearances[]

Amberley and her Academy are briefly mentioned by Nina in Crash: Mind Over Mutant in the cutscene "Forbidden Love".

In Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, Madame Amberley has a cameo on the track Nina's Nightmare. She can be seen in portraits on the walls inside the mansion.


Physical description[]

Madame Amberley is very large in both weight and height, towering over Cortex and being unable to walk, needing ropes to suspend her in the air. She has dark brown hair pulled back into a tight bun, black eyes, long thin eyebrows in high arches, and pale skin. She wears makeup, with light blue eyeshadow and red lipstick. She wears a monocle on her left eye and has a large red A on her forehead, similarly to Cortex's N or Nina's n. She wears a short sleeved black dress and black elbow-length gloves. Her legs seem to be cybernetic. She wears a pearl necklace with a purple jewel pendant at the front, and pearl earrings. She has an odd piece of machinery attached to her back, as she screams in pain and takes damage when it is shot.


Madame Amberley is a domineering, evil woman, who controls her academy with an iron fist. She has little regard for the emotional well-being of her students, being cruel and abusive to them. She shares a similar sense of egocentrism as Cortex, with various rugs and portraits of herself being plastered throughout the Academy.

Additional information[]


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