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Louise is a mini-boss that appears in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.


Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time[]

Louise suddenly appears without explanation at the end of the level Jetboard Jetty, emerging from the murky water to attack the player character. She lashes out at the bandicoot with her tentacles, and must be defeated using the pi-rats that chase Crash/Coco through the water by guiding them to her tentacles. After being defeated, she sinks back down into the water and isn't seen or mentioned again.

Her tentacles can be seen thrashing around the water in the background earlier on in the level. They can also be seen on the dimensional map for Salty Wharf, lashing out when moving to or from Tranquility Falls.

Crash Team Rumble[]

Louise reappears as the boss of What's Juicin'? in Party Mode on Just Beachy. She spits toxic purple blobs across the map, creating lingering patches of sludge that damage characters upon contact, as well as splashes of water that deal damage. She can be defeated by throwing TNT barrels at her, making sure to throw them through flames to light them on the way.


Physical description[]

Louise is a large purple sea monster with an off-white underbelly. She has turquoise eyes with yellow scleras on eye stalks, a large mouth with pink lips, a teal tongue and sharp, yellowed teeth, thin antennae with pink tips, four large fins with pink webbing and a large solid dorsal fin. Her main method of interacting with the world is with the use of her long tentacles. Only a maximum of three are seen out of the water at a time in-game, though concept art shows her with six in total.


Louise is a highly aggressive beast, attacking Crash/Coco for seemingly no reason. She isn't associated with any other characters and doesn't seem to be sapient, likely to simply be a wild animal. She is strong enough that regular attacks can't be used against her, meaning that TNT Crates must be used to defeat her.

Additional information[]