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"The Crash Bandicoot, eh? Oh, I've heard so much about you, and this is the hero I have to blow away? Hah! Seems like a bunch of hot air to me."

Lo-Lo, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Lo-Lo is the Elemental Mask of Air. He has dominions over the the forces of wind, lightning and atmosphere. He can create electricity and lasers at will, and can transform Crunch into a huge, genie-like entity that can throw electricity.


Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

Lo-Lo's debut, and only appearance as of now, was in The Wrath of Cortex along with the other elementals. He first appears in the games intro when summoned by Uka Uka along with the other elementals. When Aku Aku protests on account of how dangerous the elementals are, he fires a beam of air energy at him under Py-Ro's orders, which fails to destroy him.

Lo-Lo appears again later on as the mask of the fourth warp area in Coco's VR Hub System, where he threatens and jeers at Crash, Coco and Aku Aku through the vortex. He properly appears as the boss at the end of said warp area, possessing Crunch and giving him the powers of air to defeat Crash. Crash uses a flying machine to keep up with them and defeats them, Aku Aku using the power of the crystals Crash had collected to seal Lo-Lo away once again.



Lo-Lo has a somewhat effeminate personality, and is the most light-hearted of the elementals, loving to crack jokes whenever possible. His description in the Wrath of Cortex manual describes him as a "crazy joker". He can also be somewhat arrogant at times.

Physical Appearance

Lo-Lo is a round powder-blue mask. He a small, rounded mouth and puffed out cheeks, as if he were constantly blowing. He has a small pointed nose and almond-shaped, pure white eyes. He has curled shapes above his eyes and on top of his head, making him resemble a cloud. An odd spiral symbol seems to be carved in to his forehead.


  • "Is there a draft in here?"
  • "Not used to the weather here, are ya, wimp!?"
  • "Hey, look! The orange boy likes to fly!"




  • It seems illogical that Lo-Lo is fought after Py-Ro, given that Py-Ro is stated to be the strongest mask and the leader of the Elementals. Lo-Lo's boss fight is significantly more difficult than Py-Ro's, which may lend an explanation.
  • Lo-Lo is the only Elemental whose name is not mentioned throughout the game, nor is it related to his element.
  • Lo-Lo's voice actor, Jess Harnell, would later voice Crash himself in later games, starting in Crash Tag Team Racing.

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