Liz is a female bandicoot responsible for handing out prizes to Polar and Pura in Crash Team Racing. The epilogue of the game states that she posed for Bandiboy Magazine, buying her dream Malibu mansion with the earnings. Liz is named after Elizabeth (Liz) Ashford, who was the PR Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe at the time. The other trophy girls are also named after people involved in the Naughty Dog games.

Physical Appearance

Liz has black hair and a black tail, blue eye shadow, and purple eyes. Her attire consists of a light green tankini, a short purple skirt, and purple sneakers. She is often seen carrying a large green and purple-striped umbrella.


Liz makes a cameo in Dansu! De Jump! Na Daibouken when Crash daydreams about already saving the world and becoming irresistible.