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Due to various reasons (ranging from being of poor quality, being produced for a failed or soon-to-be-discontinued system, or having its developer facing financial or legal woes), a game can end up being cancelled and cease production. Despite their status, concepts present in cancelled games can end up being reused in commercial releases and some cancelled games can end up being re-purposed into different projects.

A game in development can also end up being vaporware, a term for projects that are announced on which development is started but, for a variety of reasons, were never published.

Following is a list of cancelled Crash Bandicoot games and vaporware.

Canceled games and vaporware

Game System Reason/Description
Crash Bandicoot: Evolution Nintendo GameCube Due to console limitations, it was reworked into Crash Twinsanity and was released as a title for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.
Crash Tag Team Racing Nintendo DS Back in 2005, Crash Tag Team Racing was initially planned to be released on the Nintendo DS alongside the other console versions. Due to the console's inferior hardware, this version was not going to be a direct port, but it was going to be as similar to the other versions as possible, and it was being developed by Sensory Sweep.
Crash Online Was reworked into Crash Village.
Crash Landed PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Nintendo DS
A reboot of the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Due to layoffs on February 11, 2010,[1][2] it was abandoned in favor of Prototype 2.
Crash Team Racing PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
A racing spin-off of Crash Landed. This game was reworked into DreamWorks Super Star Kartz.
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