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This is a list of quotes said by Pasadena O'Possum in Crash Tag Team Racing.


  • [after Cortex announces his plans for an evil base] "Not so fast! I'm Pasadena O'Possum! I'm racing for ol' Von Clutch, and I'm gonna whoop you, that's for sure!"
  • [to Coco] "There's more here than meets the eye, girlfriend."
  • "That's affirmative, V.C. There's been a trail of Wumpa Whip at the scene of every stolen Power Gem in the park!"


  • "Oh, hey, cutie! You ever see me driving on those tracks there? Boy I tell you, I am the meanest thing on the streets! And if you thought that was somethin', wait till you see me driving this hog around. Trouble is, I needs me a Power Crystal to get her started. You don't got one, do you?"
  • "Are you feelin' okay there, fuzzy pants? I need a Power Crystal to get this steer jumpin'. You don't got nothin' but good looks right now."
  • "Golly, Crash, you feelin' okay? I need a Power Crystal so get a move on, boy!"
  • "You gettin' heat stroke, Crash? You need mouth to mouth or somethin'?"
  • "Wahoooo! Now them there's the prettiest little Power Crystal I ever SEEN! Thanks a bunch, fuzzy joors! This thing is gonna be the fastest piece o' Texas you ever seen!"
  • "Hey there Furry Buns, don't suppose a gentleman like you can help a little lady out. I'll take that as a yes, I suppose. My car here seems to be on the fritz. Some no-good-nick stole the starter! If you find it, bring it back to me, OK?"
  • "What the Joe-Bob-Billy-Tanner are you doing back here? I'm stuck like a trailer in a park if you don't help me out."
  • "Crash, you've been nippin' at the hooch again or somethin'? What are you doin' back here without that starter?"
  • "Oh just git along little doggie! This is ri-darn-diculous having you come back like this!"
  • "Howdy there, Crash! Gimme a kiss, I want me some bandi-cooties! Oh calm down! Hey, maybe you can help me out here. I got this here new machine that I'd like to use to whoop these Cortex fellers, but I plumb ran out of money. Von Clutch ain't paid us since his chest-thingie got stolen. Bring me a heap of coins so I can buy the parts I need and we'll put some boot to some butt!"
  • "Uh, Crash, you OK? Havin' some head troubles there? Ohh, why are the cute ones always so dumb? I'll try this again: this... isn't... enough! Thanks for the help, but come back when you've got what I need, OK?"
  • "Wow, Crash, you must really three heads short of a herd today or somethin'. Go wrangle up those coins for me like I asked."
  • "Crash, what's the big idea? You've got to stop coming back here like a dog lookin' for chow. I ain't no chuck wagon! Go on, git!"
  • "Well Golly, Crash you sure are a sweet pickle, now I've got once again a chance to beat those sneaky Cortexers maybe I should give a little up close reward."

When interacting with Crash[]

  • "Howdy Crash, them there's some tight pants you got."
  • "Why, Crash Banicoot? Sneaking up on a girl to get you in trouble?"
  • "Greetings, fellow racer! Is there something I can help you with?"
  • "Hey Crash, I don't want to start picking out curse or nothing, but I think you're a cutie."
  • "Crash Bandicoot! How is it we keep running into each other?"
  • "My name's Pasadena O'Possum and I'm the best darn racer this part of everywhere."
  • "Crash, when I win the park back for old Von Clutch, you can stay here and be my pit crew."
  • "I tell you, Crash, that Cortex feller gives me the willies, how'd you hook up with him anyhow?"
  • "Crash, did you see that N. Gin dude? Somebody better tell him there's a live rocket in his head."
  • "Howdy Crash, you look like you got to go potty. Want me to show you where the outhouse is?"

When attacked by Crash[]

  • "Oh, you just get me excited!"
  • "Ah! Er, you got some bite in you."
  • "Ooh, you're too rough for me."
  • "I will be revengified for that."
  • "Ah! Park security!"
  • "Stop whuppin' me."
  • "I've been punked by a dork!"
  • "Ow! Quit breakifyin' me!"
  • "I thought you were a good guy!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Ow! Right in the pancreas!"
  • "I'm gonna brand your tail feathers for that."
  • "Ow! Right in the duodenum!"

When starting from a standstill[]

  • "Look, ma! No hands!"
  • "Adios, mi amigo!"
  • "Hmmm, smells like victory!"
  • "Yeehaw! Outta my way!"
  • "This here's a fangle contraption for sure."
  • "Yeehaw! Ride 'em hard!
  • "Two plus two"
  • "I am possum, hear me roar!"
  • "Whoo-whee-ee! Ehe.
  • "I peeled that like a banana!"
  • "Smells like campfire!"
  • "This is what I'm talkin about."
  • "Put the pedal to the metal!"
  • "Smells like victory! Ya-hooooo-ooo!"
  • "Whoo-heeee!"

When breaking a trackside target[]

  • "Hoowheee-eee! Another piraz for me!"
  • "I cracked that sucker wide open!"
  • "Umm... Coco did it?"
  • "It's fun to break things. Sometimes."
  • "Hi-yah!!"
  • "That split open like a melon!"
  • "Crack that walnut!"
  • "Awwww. It broke."
  • "I just love presents."
  • "More craftmanship if you ask me.
  • "That would make swell firewood."
  • "Adios, little box."

When brushing against an opponent vehicle[]

  • "Oh, yeah? Two can play at that game, boy!"
  • "Wh-wh-wh-wh-what happened? Did I black out?"
  • "Y'all a buncha crazies!"
  • "Hoowhee! I slapped him upside his gizzard!"
  • "Ow, my head!"
  • "That rattled my brainme!"
  • "I know I shouldn't like that, but I do!"
  • "Yeehaw! Let's do that again!"
  • "Didn't think I hit that hard, did ya?"
  • "Whoa! That threw me for a loop!"
  • "Ouchie, that smarts!"
  • "See what you made me do?!"
  • "Hit me so hard, I forgot my birthday!"
  • "Hey, chicken knees! Two can play at this game!"

When brushing against a wall[]

  • "Huh. Well, at least it's paid off."
  • "Well, nothin' a lil' bacon fat can't fix."
  • "Just spray some Cheeze Whiz down there, it'll be alright."
  • "It's okay, just slap some Miracle Whip on it!"
  • "Hold together, honey. We's gotta ways to go!"
  • "Looks like I had a little too much hoo-ich on, I figure."
  • "I must be balled up or somethin'!"
  • "It's okay, honey. It hurts me more than you."
  • "Now that just ain't right."
  • "I'm tellin' on you!"
  • "My poor baby! Did that hurt?"
  • "I got some surance."
  • "Ouchie!"
  • "Hey, this ain't a monster truck rally, that's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!"

When destroying an opponent vehicle[]

  • "I told you not to get in my way!"
  • "There's more where that came from!"
  • "I'll do that to the next claim jumper too!"
  • "Ohh, I'm dreadfully sorry about that. Hehe..."
  • "Where do I send the flowers?"
  • "Better you than me!"
  • "That felt purty darn good!"
  • "Don't mess with the possum girl!"
  • "I said, this is a big girl race!"
  • "Playing with fire can hurt ya!"
  • "-gasp- Oh, that just HAD to sting!"
  • "I feel for ya! I really I do!"
  • "He sure got a spanking!"
  • "Swallow two of these and call me in the morning!"

When destroyed by an opponent vehicle[]

  • "Well, that's a low down dirty shame."
  • "I don't think I have enough coupons for this."
  • "I swear, it wasn't me, officer!"
  • "Shucks! What am I gonna do with this heap now?"
  • "Anybody wanna trade cars?"
  • "I knew I should've gotten a job at Dollywood instead!"
  • "This game su-ucks!"
  • "Well, she was a loyal horse."
  • "I'll just be up here a little while, okay?"
  • "I think I'm gonna cry."
  • "Anybody got a broom?"
  • "It was gonna happen sooner or later."

When flying through the air[]

  • "Alright! Is there a movie on this flight?"
  • "Sweet! First possum in space!"
  • "Big aiiiirr! I'm footloose and fancy free!"
  • "'Scuse me while I touch the sky!"
  • "Hot dog!"
  • "Ride 'em cowgirl!"
  • "I'm stuck inside a cloud!"
  • "I'm flyin' through the air with the greatest of ease!"
  • "I should do this more often!"
  • "Alley-ooooooooo!"
  • "Just like that cow went over the moon!"

Carrying an item[]

  • "There you are, you little darlin'."
  • "Lasso'd a good one here."
  • "I'll save that one for a rainy day."
  • "Just what I always wanted!"
  • "I'll store that in my pouch."
  • "I's rustled up somethin' daw'n good here."
  • "Hey, mister sparkle sparkle, how bout a kiss?"
  • "I'll save that for the winter."
  • "That's a funny thing to find lyin' on the road."
  • "Naughty little devil! Get in my pocket!"
  • "Whoo-wee, now there's somethin' fancy!"
  • "Woohoo! Prettier than a steer in summer time!"
  • "Now who put you there anyway?"
  • "I wonder how much I can get for this at the pawn shop."

When declashing[]

  • "In the game of checkers, you gotta lose a few pawns."
  • "You're just another target now."
  • "Tough luck, friend. You've worned out your welcome."
  • "You're old like AM radio!"

When running over a park drone[]

  • "Hmm... I can scrape 'im up later an' make some pie!"
  • "I knew I shouldn't have taken off that cow catcher!"
  • "Sorry! Send a bill!
  • "I know I shouldn't laugh, but... BAHAHAHAHA!"
  • "-gasp- Somebody clean that up."

When winning a race[]

  • "Haha! Thanks for the free hairbob, cutie!"
  • "I just know you weren't aimin' at me!"
  • "You're all blow, ain't ya?"
  • "Get back in my line to fire you, varmint!"
  • "Haha! Go fish, liver breath!"
  • "Aww, I know you ain't that bad!"
  • "Whew! That was tighter than two pigs in a blanket!"
  • "That hurt you more than me."
  • "You're gonna have to do better than that."
  • "I'm just too darn good!"