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The Lava Caves is a cut level from Crash Twinsanity which was intended to take place on Twinsanity Island. It was planned to be a Tenth Dimensional counterpart of Ice Climb. However, during development, the level was (amongst several others) removed from the game since the development of the game was being rushed. The entrance to the Lava Caves would have been below the Iceberg Lab, and additional intended entrances still exist throughout the game (including the Skull Rock Waterfall on N. Sanity Island), which would provide flexibility if the developers wished to move in-game things around.


  • The opening area of the Evil Twins' lair, in the level Ant Agony, resembles the design of this level.
  • On the floor of the Tenth Dimensional Lab, the player can find an invisible walkway along the water. It's unknown if it was intended for this level.


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