The Land Shark was going to be a playable character in the scrapped 2010 version of Crash Team Racing. This shark is the only unfamiliar character from the game and also the whole entire series/franchise. Its special melee attack would have been biting karts and shaking them around before throwing them behind.

In the gameplay trailer, there seem to be many Land Sharks on the track, probably because the rest of the other characters were not developed yet or due to lack of time to put the other characters there, although it is possible that there was intended to be more than one racing at the same time.


The Land Shark seems to be a great white covered in many red scars over its gills. Its eyes give it an evil look, as they have no pupils. It also appears the Land Shark has a small beard.


  • Land Shark is the second shark with a type of intelligence: the first is Nash.


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