Lancer Ants are the most common variants of Ant Drones in Crash Twinsanity. They appear in most of the levels. They wield a laser sword as a weapon, and can disintegrate Crash with it. They can also jump as high as Crash and it takes two hits to destroy them.


They have the same looks of normal Ants, though they have big teeth,and laser swords.


Crash Bandicoot: Evolution

Bigger and stronger versions of the Lancer Ant with more powerful weapons were to appear in this game.

Crash Twinsanity

Out of every enemy in the game, these appear the most.

Cavern Catastrophe

Unlimited amounts of Lancer Ants attack Crash in the drill fight segment. If one is defeated, another will appear inside the drill.

Iceberg Lab

Lancer Ants attack Crash inside the Iceberg Lab at one point in three different phases.

N. Sanity Island (Hub)

As the airship is flying, three different phases of Ants attack Cortex.

Rooftop Rampage

Along with Rats, Lancer Ants are a very common enemy in this level.

Twinsanity Island

Outside Evil Crash's house, packs of Lancer Ants attack Crash as he follows Evil Crash and Cortex. They also fight Nina in the Evil Twins' boss.

Ant Agony

Since this level occurs inside the Evil Twins' base, Lancer Ants are extremely common along with all of the other versions of Ants.


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