Koo-alas are hillbilly mojo-mutated koalas created by Cortex in Crash of the Titans. They are responsible for aiding Tiny Tiger in gaining minerals for the Doominator in the Wastelands. In addition, they are the main enemies of the second world in the game. Like the Ratnicians, they intend on eating Crash. Their weapons are chicken legs and empty soda cans.

Crash of the Titans

In Crash Of The Titans They are mutant blue koalas bears with the face of bums, they have punk crests and wear leather gloves, t-shirt,shorts, leather shoes and  on the shoes have white socks with two red lines . Their hats are trucker hats backwards, work cascor, drinking caps and cowboy hats. They are first seen in level five where they are talking and several are seen in the air grind segment. Later, a pack of them are seen in the area before the Rhinoroller. In the next level, a massive pack with a caged Shellephant are cooking a giant shrimp over a fire. Also, in level seven, a massive pack breaks out of a large crate and attacks Crash.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant (DS)

Koo-alas are with the same attires, are enemies in the Crystal Mountains in the DS version of Crash Mind Over Mutant.



  • These minions are stronger than Ratnicians, but weaker than Doom Monkeys, Voodoo Bunnies, and Brat Girls.
  • Koo-alas are one of the three types of minions who do not have pupils. The others are the Ratnician and the Brat Girl.
  • According to their in-game description, they despise nature.
  • In Crash of the Titans, Crash can get a Koo-ala skin for defeating 150 Koo-alas.
  • Their chicken leg is their Minion Master icon, seen when one is defeated.
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