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Knight Time is the twenty-sixth level and is the first level of the sixth warp room in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. It is the first level in the special warp room, and five relics are required to unlock it.

This level is very similar to The Gauntlet, but much darker, and Coco is the playable character. In this level, Coco uses the firefly to see in the dark. However, it does not go away and stays with Coco until the end. In addition, this is one of only two platforming levels in this game without a bonus round; the other being Cortex Vortex.


Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Dutch Knight Time
French Chevalter du Soir
German Ritterzeit
Italian E via a Cavallo
Japanese まっくらけ! あしもとちゅうい
Makkura ke! Ashi mo tochi ~yuui
Korean 깜깜한 어둠 속에서
Kkamkkamhan Eodum Sog-Eseo
Spanish Tiempo de Caballeros


  • Its name is a pun on the word "nighttime".
  • In the middle of the first side-scrolling part of the level, there is a small far down area filled with Nitro crates. If the player falls with an Aku Aku mask or some other form of protection from the crates' explosion, it will be impossible to get on to the main path again without losing a life and starting over.
  • This level isn't dark in the GameCube version, making the fireflies and the theme of the level useless.
  • On the original NTSC-U and PAL releases, at the very beginning of the level a crate, an arrow crate and an Aku Aku crate are visible on the right, totaling 115 crates. These three crates were removed from later versions.
  • When some Nitro crates explode, they do not count towards the box count. This is the same issue as in Ghost Town and Solar Bowler.

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