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The Junkyard is a location in Crash: Mind Over Mutant connecting the Wasteland to Mount Grimly. A bleak and polluted place, it is littered with heaps of garbage and the rusted scraps of felled doomsday devices. Here, the ruins of N. Gin's weapons factory act as the base of operations behind N. Brio's schemes. Crash must travel through the Junkyard to save Crunch from N. Brio and the NV.

A campsite inhabited by Sludges exists in the heart of the Junkyard. After the events of the story, the Sludge Hero can be battled and jacked here.


The Junkyard is accessed through a pipe in a blocked-off area of the Wasteland, where Crash must make his way through mounds of rotting garbage. Busted TV sets release mojo when destroyed. Pools of hazardous waste will not only hurt Crash and most mutants that touch it, but also inflict poison damage over a period of a few seconds. Only Sludge can cross safely. Vacuum cleaner-shaped spybots act as sentries and fire missiles at passerby. The mechanical skeleton of a titanic machine, animated by spinning gears and buzzsaws, lies ahead.


Sludge slipping through a gap to the right.

Upon entering, the camera switches to a side-scrolling perspective. Sludge is encountered for the first time here. Spinning gears and pulleys threaten to drop Crash into a fiery abyss, but these can be crossed using ropes and chain-link wheels. At the top, there is a dead end. A Sludge NPC offers minigame rounds here after the main story is complete. To progress, Sludge must use its abilities to slip through a gap under a platform. From here, Crash must hop between platforms carrying spike crates, avoiding the Sludges and poison waste at the bottom. The exit is not far ahead.

CMOM JSludgeCamp

The campsite, overrun by hostile Sludges.

Outside, friendly Sludge people have set up camp beneath the hollowed-out tail of a missile. A gang of NV-controlled Sludges have driven them into hiding. Upon their defeat, a salesman Sludge tells Crash where N. Brio and Crunch are hiding: inside the demolished head of the weapons factory to the east. When returning to the campsite after defeating Dr. Cortex, the Sludge Hero can be found harassing the salesman. Once defeated, it will always respawn here.

The gate to the east is powered by a Spin Switch. If N. Brio and Crunch are not already defeated, TK will spawn next to it, as it is required for the boss fight. Toggling a TK Switch removes the barricade in front of the head. Inside, the floor opens up into a flaming pit, fed by TNT from off a conveyor belt. Crunch attacks from a balcony on the opposite side lined with sentry-bots, while N. Brio watches from behind a glass casing.

On the northern side of the camp is another gate that opens only once Crunch is defeated. Another pool of hazardous waste exists for Sludge to cross, lined with jets of fire. Alternatively, Crash or another mutant may climb along stretches of cable, though this is slower. In either case, he will arrive at Mount Grimly.


Listed by the order in which they are found:

Collectible Location
"Don't Recycle!" doll
Found at the very beginning of the Junkyard, before the river of toxic waste, sitting in plain view on top of a junked pick-up truck.
"Don't Recycle!" doll
Found inside the machine skeleton, immediately after the first wild Sludge encounter. The path splits into a top and bottom half; the doll is past some large TNT crates on top.
"Crash Grab" doll
Found inside the machine skeleton, in the dead-end clearing where the minigames are normally hosted. The doll is hidden behind more TNT.
"Don't Recycle!" doll
Found in the bottom right-hand corner of the boss arena.
"Don't Recycle!" doll
Found on the first cable past the Sludge settlement.
Radical GoldenWumpa
Health Upgrade
By the second cable past the Sludge settlement. On the steps of the left-hand wall, a busted TV set has the health upgrade behind it.



  • Once the Sludge Hero is defeated, the conjoined Sludge NPC in the camp has a dialogue prompt, but no lines. The dialogue ends as soon as it starts.