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Junia is an anthropomorphic turtle from Crash Bandicoot: Dance! Then Jump! Na Daibōken, appearing in the first volume's third chapter, Get them! The Power Stones!.

He is one of the spike-shelled turtles from the forest levels in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. He lives on N. Sanity Island in the "Star Shell House" with his unnamed father.


Crash Bandicoot: Dance! Then Jump! Na Daibōken[]

Junia's main appearance was in chapter 3: Get them! The power stones!. At some point, his father found a Power Stone and became obsessed with it, taking it everywhere with him and treating it as more important than his own son. Junia meets Crash and Aku Aku in the middle of their journey looking for Power Stones. After a brief altercation, Junia tells them about his father and his addiction to the stone. Crash decides to attempt to steal the stone from his father. He quickly comes up with a plan to disguise himself as Junia to get close enough to take the stone. After a few failed attempts, Junia's father, still convinced that Crash is Junia, serves dinner for Crash and himself.

After Crash sees how cruelly Junia is treated compared to the stone throughout the meal, he sheds his disguise, snatches up the stone and throws it away in anger. Junia leaps to catch the stone and falls into a chasm, but is saved by Crash dangling over the edge on a branch. The stone is weighing down on them causing the branch to begin to break, but Junia does not want to let it go because it will make his father sad. This makes his father finally have a change of heart, and he tells Junia to let go of the stone. Junia finally drops the stone, allowing Crash to fling him to safety, where his father tearfully apologises for his neglect and makes amends.

Junia also has a brief cameo in the previous chapter, Reunion with Aku Aku. When Aku Aku is explaining the mysterious thief to Crash, Junia can be seen crying after his cake was stolen by the thief.


Physical description[]

Junia is a young turtle. He has round, pure black sparkling eyes, a perfectly round shell with spikes around the sides, and short limbs with stubby fingers and toes. Due to the manga being printed in black and white, his coloration is unknown.


Junia is a shy and timid little boy, prone to hiding in his shell whenever he gets scared. He has a good heart, and even endangered his own life to save the power stone, a treasured possession of his father's.