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Jungle Spirits are the mysterious inhabitants of N. Sanity Island in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.


Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time[]

The Jungle Spirits in It's About Time play a rather similar role to the Tribesman of games prior. They live together in a village by a lake on N. Sanity Island, and they are hostile towards outsiders. There are two notably distinct variants;

Jungle Spirit Lobber[]

Jungle Spirit Lobbers appear in Rude Awakening. They attack by throwing small purple fruit at Crash/Coco. They can be easily defeated by either spinning them, sliding them or jumping on their heads.

Hammer Jungle Spirits[]

Hammer-wielding Jungle Spirits appear later on, in the level N. Sanity Peak. They attack using their hammers, but have a small delay in winding up an attack, giving a chance for the player to strike first.



Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name
Arabic روح الأدغال
ruh al'adghal
French Esprit de la Jungle
German Dschungelgeist
Italian Spirito della Giungla
Japanese ジャングル スピリット
Janguru supiritto
Polish Duch Dżungli
Russian Дух Джунглей
Dukh Dzhungley
Spanish Espíritu de la Jungla
  • Jungle Spirit Lobber
Language Name
Arabic روح الأدغال لوبير
ruh al'adghal lwbyr
French Lanceur d'esprit de la Jungle
German Dschungelgeist-Werfer
Italian Spirito della Giungla Lanciatore
Japanese ジャングル スピリット どろぼう
Janguru supiritto dorobō
Polish Wojowniczy Duch Dżungli
Russian Дух Джунглей-Метатель
Dukh Dzhungley-Metatel'
Spanish Espíritu Bobo de la Jungla


  • Concept art shows a Lobber throwing a spear with a fruit at the end, rather than just the fruit like in the final game. The same concept art also shows the Lobber use the yellow and blue colour scheme that hammer-wielders do, rather than the default green.