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Jungle Bash (なげちゃえ はこスロー lit. Throw! Box-throw in Japanese) is the first of the four Crate Crush arenas in Crash Bash and is the fourth level in the first warp room. It takes place in a jungle, hence the name "Jungle" Bash. The players' objective is to get rid of their opponents or have more health than them in a short period of time. Stone blocks, nitro crates, TNT crates, and wumpa fruit are scattered around the arena. Running into nitro crates, or being hit by a thrown or kicked crate will decrease a player's green health bar. However, collecting wumpa fruit will increase it.

Special Items

  • Block - The basic crates that are thrown or kicked to attack players.
  • TNT Crate - These crates have a larger blast radius than blocks, and cause more health damage. Also, they explode automatically after three seconds after being picked up, kicked, or jumped on.
  • Nitro Crate - Nitro crates take away a large percentage of a player's health bar if touched. They cannot be thrown or kicked.
  • Wumpa Fruit - Players can collect wumpa fruit to increase their health bar. They do nothing if the player's health bar is already full.


  • Trophy: Win 3 Times.
  • Gem: Win 1 round in 45 seconds (30 for 2p story).
  • Crystal: "Beware the idol's wrath." Eliminate the opponents while avoiding nitro crates.
  • Gold Relic: Win 2 times against the champions of the arena.
  • Platinum Relic: Win 3 times against the champions.