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Jetboard Jetty is the third and final story level of Salty Wharf and the ninth main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The end of the level includes a surprise boss fight against a tentacle monster named Louise. To defeat her, the player must lure the pi-rats towards her tentacles. The second quantum mask Akano is found after completing this level.

If the player has obtained the Green Gem in Hit the Road/Truck Stopped, a Gem Path will open up for Crash/Coco to break open the remaining crates in that path.


After meeting up with an alternate version of Tawna, Crash/Coco enter a pirate grotto filled with treasure chests and loot. They use the jetboard to traverse through the ocean floor, while encountering a sea monster named Louise near the end. After they successfully defeat her, Crash and Coco make it to the sleeping Akano.

Crash picks up Akano while ignoring Lani-Loli's warnings about Akano being extremely heavy; causing him to slam onto Crash's foot while crying out in agony. Eventually, Akano awakes to find Crash and Coco and starts intimidating them. Fortunately, Lani-Loli tells his brother that the bandicoots are here to help save the multiverse. Akano starts warming up to the bandicoot duo and instructs them to follow him. Lani-Loli shows great enthusiasm for Akano as they enter the quantum rift to the next world.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Arabic البانديكوت والكراكن
albandykut walkirakin
French Jetée du jetboard
German Jetboard-Anleger
Italian Molo per surf elettrici
Japanese なみのりジェットサーフィン
Naminori jettosāfin
Polish Jetboard
Portuguese Olha a Onda
Russian Джетборд по имени Джетти
Dzhetbord po imeni Dzhetti
Latin-American Spanish Jet Ski Accidentado
European Spanish Muelle Mullido



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