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Jetboard Jetty is the third and final story level of Salty Wharf and the ninth main level of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The end of the level includes a surprise boss fight against a tentacle monster named Louise. To defeat her, the player must lure the pi-rats towards her tentacles. The second quantum mask Akano is found after completing this level.

If the player has obtained the Green Gem in Hit the Road/Truck Stopped, a Gem Path will open up for Crash/Coco to break open the remaining crates in that path.


After meeting up with an alternate version of Tawna, Crash/Coco enter a pirate grotto filled with treasure chests and loot. They use the jetboard to traverse through the ocean floor, while encountering a sea monster named Louise near the end. After they successfully defeat her, Crash and Coco make it to the sleeping Akano.

Crash picks up Akano while ignoring Lani-Loli's warnings about Akano being extremely heavy; causing him to slam onto Crash's foot while crying out in agony. Eventually, Akano awakes to find Crash and Coco and starts intimidating them. Fortunately, Lani-Loli tells his brother that the bandicoots are here to help save the multiverse. Akano starts warming up to the bandicoot duo and instructs them to follow him. Lani-Loli shows great enthusiasm for Akano as they enter the quantum rift to the next world.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic البانديكوت والكراكن
albandykut walkirakin
Bandicoot and Kraken
French Jetée du jetboard (Same as English)
German Jetboard-Anleger (Same as English)
Italian Molo per surf elettrici Electric Surfboard Jetty
Japanese なみのりジェットサーフィン
Naminori jettosāfin
Naminori Jet Surfing
Polish Jetboard Jetboard
Portuguese Olha a Onda Watch the Wave
Russian Джетборд по имени Джетти
Dzhetbord po imeni Dzhetti
The jetboard named Jetty
LatAm Spanish Jet Ski accidentado Jet Ski accident
European Spanish Muelle mullido Soft Jetty



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