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The Jawslehoff is an enemy that only appears in the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans. This titan looks like a shark with sharp teeth coming of of its snout, a red swimming suit and both hands and feet resembling the ones from a human or a more generic primate. They have grey skin, white underbellies and snouts, as well as pink hands and feet. Jawslehoff's special attack is to use a red board attached to one of its hands.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Haaiselhoff portmanteau of 'haai' (lit. shark) and 'David Hasselhoff'
French Jawslehoff same as English
German Hainrich portmanteau of 'Hai' (lit. shark) and the name 'Heinrich'
Italian Squalocool portmanteau of 'squalo' (lit. shark) and the English word 'cool'
Spanish Tibulhoff portmanteau of 'tiburón' (lit. shark) and 'David Hasselhoff'


  • Its name is a reference to actor David Hasselhoff, famous for his potrayal of the main character in the TV series Baywatch, about the life and adventures of a group of lifeguards.