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Japanese Crash as he appears since 2017.

Japanese Crash is an alternative version of Crash Bandicoot, optimized for Japanese audiences. Though Crash has received numerous design changes throughout the series, Japanese Crash's design has remained consistent since Warped's Box Art, with only minor differences.

Appearances in Crash games

While Japanese Crash appears on the cover of almost every game released in the region, he rarely appears in the games themselves, as Crash's player model is not normally altered in-game. Some of his in-game appearances are on FMV videos included as extras in the first games, some icons and in the title screen of Crash Team Racing.[1] Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is the first game released in Japan to not featured Japanese Crash on the box art, instead using Crash's regular design from the game.

Crash Tag Team Racing

Uniquely, Crash uses his Japanese design in-game for the Japanese version of Crash Tag Team Racing, with most costumes being adaptated to the Japanese design, though Mad Crash, Nega Crash and Realistic Crash are not available. There is also a code to unlock the normal Japanese Crash skin in the western PS2 and PSP versions of Crash Tag Team Racing. On the start screen, hold L1 and L1 and press Square, Circle, Square, Circle. If done correctly the player will hear a chime. The skin can be available for either Adventure Mode or Multiplayer mode. But when players enter the code, they will find the normal Crash which they are trying to race in Adventure Mode will have no pupils.


Although players can only use the regular Japanese Crash skin in the NTSC-U and PAL versions, the models for the other costumes are still in the game files. A Japanese version of Mad Crash also exists in the game files, despite the costume being unavailable in the Japanese version of the game.

Crash Boom Bang!

Crash has a design based on Japanese Crash in all versions of this game, due to the fact that Crash Boom Bang! was created in Japan. While the Japanese version closely follows the regular Japanese Crash design, the western version is altered to resemble Crash's appearance in Crash Twinsanity, though still has similar proportions to Japanese Crash.



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