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The Island Hopper is the Crash Bandicoot level hub. It contains entrances to all of the levels in the game, all on 3D models of N. Sanity Island, Wumpa Island, and Cortex Island. The level entrances are represented by red platforms all over the islands. To enter a level, the player must press X whilst standing on one of the red platforms. There is also a feature in the Island Hopper to look around the islands which can be used by holding Square or Circle. If a Gem or Key has been obtained in a level, it will be displayed on that level's platform under its title.



N. Sanity Island[]

N. Sanity Beach / Jungle Rollers / The Great Gate / Boulders / Upstream / Papu Papu (Boss Fight) / Rolling Stones /Hog Wild / Native Fortress

Wumpa Island[]

Up the Creek / Ripper Roo (Boss Fight) / The Lost City / Temple Ruins / Road to Nowhere / Boulder Dash / Sunset Vista / Whole Hog (secret level unlocked by a key) / Koala Kong (Boss Fight)

Cortex Island[]

Heavy Machinery / Cortex Power / Generator Room / Toxic Waste / The High Road / Slippery Climb / Lights Out / Jaws of Darkness / Fumbling in the Dark (secret level unlocked by a key) / Castle Machinery / Doctor Nitrus Brio (Boss Fight) / The Lab / The Great Hall / Stormy Ascent (N. Sane Trilogy) / Doctor Neo Cortex (Boss Fight)