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Invisibility is used in Crash Team Racing, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, and Crash Nitro Kart. In CTR, this is only used for battle mode. The aim in using Invisibility is to be not seen by opponents during a race and even Tracking Missiles, Red Eye Missiles, and Homing Missiles can't see players without indication of an opponent's target. However, just because players can't be seen doesn't mean they cannot be hit. In CTR, when juiced up the invisibility lasts slightly longer.

In CNK, this is used for stealing flags and sneak attacks. Also, players will see a shadow of the invisible character.

In The Wrath of Cortex, the crates can be seen and broken on the levels Fahrenheit Frenzy and Weathering Heights. When Crash is invisible, he is protected and untouchable by the rays. It will only last for a few seconds.


Crash Team Racing

  • Manual

"Normal - Player cannot be seen by other players and missiles cannot track them. Beware! Just because you can't be seen doesn't mean you can't be hit! Juiced Up - Same as Normal but lasts a longer time."

Crash Nitro Kart

  • Manual

"Turn this on to become invisible to all your opponents. You'll still see a shadow of yourself, but no one else in the arena will be able to see you or your arrow. Great for sneak attacks or flag steals, this item is only available in battle modes. Juiced - Stay invisible for even longer."



Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いないバー
Inai bā