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This article is about the pachislot machine also known as Crash Bandicoot. See here for other uses of "Crash Bandicoot".

Interactive Pachislot Crash Bandicoot (also simply known as Crash Bandicoot) is an arcade game released exclusively in Japan. The game is primarily a slot machine, though its screen display allows for several other mini-games between spins. It is heavily based on Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, evident by its aesthetics, its choice of characters and the events that take place during mini-games.


This game contains several game modes;

3 Bonus System[]

Your classic slots machine, complete with a Crash Bandicoot skin. Little animations of Crash play on the top screen, showing him doing things like messing around in a warp room and being lowered into a claw machine filled with multi-coloured Wumpa Fruit. These animations will sometimes be replaced with other gamemodes, as seen below, while slot gameplay continues.

Dance Game[]

Crash is competing in a dance battle against Cortex. Press the three buttons on the cabinet in the correct order as indicated by Cortex to earn points. The final score at the end is presented by Coco.

Shooting Game[]

This game is based on the level Tornado Alley. Pilot the Glider and shoot down Cortex's Tornado Generators by scoring high at the slots. The final score at the end is presented by Coco.


This gamemode consists of interactive pre-rendered cutscenes that pop up suddenly during slot gameplay. Help Crash escape Crunch (powered by Py-Ro or Lo-Lo) or Tiny with multiple-choice options that pop up at key points in the animation. At the end, Crash defeats the boss and recieves a Crystal. At the end of Py-Ro Crunch's animation, Fake Crash makes an appearance.





  • Oddly, crystals are sometimes portrayed as blue in this game as opposed to their usual magenta hue. Wumpa Fruit also come in a variety of colors in addition to the usual orange.