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Idle animations are actions that Crash or any other playable character will perform if they remain still for a certain amount of time. The animations vary between games and may depend on the environment that the character is in.

Crash Bandicoot[]

  • Crash repeatedly glances side to side.
  • Crash picks up a Wumpa Fruit and throws it up in the air. He then looks up and scratches his head. The Wumpa Fruit then splatters all over his face, covering him in purple juice. Crash then spins to remove it.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped[]

  • Crash sighs.
  • Crash repeatedly glances side to side.
  • Crash scratches his head.
  • Crash plays with a yo-yo. Occasionally, Crash accidentally gets himself tangled in the string.
  • Crash shivers and breathes on his hands to warm them in snowy and rainy levels.

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex[]


  • Crash scratches his left leg with his right foot.
  • Crash sighs and shakes his head.
  • Crash pulls a Wumpa Fruit out of his back pocket, rolls it down his arm and over his shoulders, then headbutts it away.
  • Crash pulls a Wumpa Fruit out of his ear and throws it away.
  • Crash scratches his head.
  • Crash puts his thumb in his mouth and wiggles his fingers at the camera.
  • Crash shivers and breathes on his hands to warm them in snowy levels.


  • Coco checks her nails.
  • Coco tosses her hair.

Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure, Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced and Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage[]

  • Crash sighs.
  • Crash pulls a blue Game Boy Advance out of his back pocket and briefly plays with it.
  • Crash scratches his head.

Crash Nitro Kart[]

Each character has one idle animation that they'll do when left idle for a bit.

  • Crash falls asleep at the wheel, leaning to his right.
  • Coco tosses her hair.
  • Crunch does some neck rolls.
  • Fake Crash falls asleep in the same way as Crash.
  • Cortex looks over his shoulder at the player and motions with his hand to get moving.
  • N. Gin lightly smacks his rocket with the palm of his hand and shuffles in his seat.
  • Tiny silently does a roaring motion, tossing his head around.
  • N. Tropy pats the side of his kart with his right hand.
  • Nitros Oxide grabs his head and pulls it lightly to the side, then lets go, causing it to wobble like a bobble-head.
  • Zem scratches his butt.
  • Zam scratches his cheek like a cat.
  • Velo thrashes around impatiently.
  • N. Trance wipes his brow.
  • Polar jumps around in his seat.
  • Dingodile leans forward and sniffs the air.
  • Pura jumps around, same as Polar.

Despite not being playable and their AI during boss races ensuring that they're always moving, each boss from CNK has their own idle animation, which are viewable via hacking or modding.

  • Krunk bobs his head up and down.
  • Nash wiggles his legs and moves his laser cannon around.
  • Norm tilts his head side to side and pats the side of his kart.
  • Big Norm nods his head slightly.
  • Geary looks to the left and rubs his chest with his fist.
  • Emperor Velo nods his head slightly.

Crash Twinsanity[]


  • Crash stretches and yawns.
  • Crash peeks over his shoulder at the player. This has two variations - he can peek over his left shoulder while smiling, or over his right shoulder looking confused.
  • Crash scratches his belly.
  • Crash scratches his head.
  • Crash points his hands like a gun, quickly aiming left then right.
  • Crash glances side to side then scratches his head.
  • Crash picks his ear, sucks the finger he used, then swallows hard with his tongue hanging out.
  • Crash turns to the camera in a fighting stance, throwing a few punches.
  • Crash scratches his butt.

Crash and Cortex (Rollerbrawl)[]

  • Crash pins Cortex to the ground, straddling him, and starts choking him.
  • Cortex repeatedly smashes Crash's face against the ground, flattening his snout.
  • Crash pins Cortex on his front and pulls his arm behind his back painfully, making a cracking sound.
  • Cortex puts Crash over his knee and starts spanking him.

Cortex (alone)[]

  • Cortex stretches his back, looking pained.
  • Cortex does a Russian squat dance on the spot.
  • When facing away from the camera, Cortex wraps his arms around himself and rubs his back, pretending to be kissing someone.

Cortex (playable)[]

  • Cortex randomly poses with his ray gun.
  • When out of ammo, he glances around fearfully, trembling.


  • Nina stretches her hands.
  • Nina squishes her head with her hands.
  • Nina checks her "nails".
  • Nina runs a hand through her hair.
  • Nina does a pose, spreading her arms and raising a leg in the air.

Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant[]


  • Crash scratches his butt.
  • Crash performs the Crash dance.
  • Crash sneezes and wipes his nose.
  • Crash scratches and cleans his ears.
  • Crash performs a handstand.

Coco (Mind Over Mutant only)[]

  • Coco scratches her head, then pulls on her ponytail and yelps.
  • Coco performs the Crash dance.
  • Coco meditates, levitating in the air for a brief time.
  • Coco pulls out a string and flosses her teeth.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy[]


  • Crash looks from side to side.
  • Crash spins and breakdances.
  • Crash sighs and crosses his arms, tapping his foot.
  • Crash scratches his head.
  • Crash picks up a Wumpa Fruit and throws it up in the air. He then looks up and scratches his head. The Wumpa Fruit then splatters all over his face, covering him in purple juice. Crash then does a spin to remove it.
  • Crash plays catch with Aku Aku by throwing a Wumpa Fruit, Aku Aku bouncing it back with his face. Crash ends up getting splattered by the Wumpa in the process, but they both laugh it off and Crash shakes his head to remove it.
  • Crash does some yoyo tricks. In one instance, he gets tied up with his own yoyo.
  • Crash does the Crash dance.
  • Crash shivers and breathes on his hands to warm them in snowy and rainy levels.


  • Coco looks from side to side.
  • Coco blows her bang away from her face then glares at the camera, tapping her foot.
  • Coco leans to the left.
  • Coco does her version of the Crash dance.
  • Coco sits on the ground and types on her laptop.
  • Coco gets a call on her phone. She answers it, nodding along to the conversation, then hangs up.
  • Coco gets a call on her phone again. This time, after hanging up, she scrolls through something on the phone, occasionally pausing to take a selfie, shaking her head and pulling a silly face. She sometimes looks around and takes pictures of her surroundings.
  • The third variation of the phone animation ends with the phone suddenly beginning to spark. Coco shakes it, startled, then throws it up in the air and ducks just before it explodes.
  • Coco shivers, hugging her laptop to her chest in snowy and rainy levels.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled[]

Every single character has their own set of idle animations, on top of glancing around as their default idle animations.

Crash Bandicoot[]

  • Crash looks around, looking amazed. He then grabs the wheel of his kart, tongue hanging out, looking determined.
  • Crash stretches and yawns, then leans forward and falls asleep. He startles awake a couple of second later, grabbing the wheel again.

Dr. Neo Cortex[]

  • Cortex leans back, smirking with the tips of his fingers together. He then throws his head back and does an evil laugh, making a fist with his hand.
  • Cortex grips the wheel and leans forward a little, smirking.

Tiny Tiger[]

  • Tiny rolls his shoulders then slams his fists together.
  • Tiny picks his teeth with a claw, then flicks whatever he picked out away.

Coco Bandicoot[]

  • Coco gets a call on her phone. She answers it, furrows her brow while listening, then hangs up.
  • Coco closes her eyes and rolls her neck, then blows her bang away from her face.

Dr. N. Gin[]

  • N. Gin glances around. His cyborg eye gets stuck looking off to the right. He smacks the side of his head to knock it loose.
  • N. Gin raises a pointed finger, smiling like he has an idea, but shakes his head and puts his hand back on the wheel.


  • Dingodile looks over his shoulder.
  • Dingodile stretches his neck and rolls his shoulder.


  • Polar sneezes and shakes his head.
  • Polar glances around, tapping his paws on the wheel.
  • Polar rubs his cheek and looks sad for a moment, then sits back up, smiling again.


  • Pura taps his paws on the wheel, smiling.
  • Pura looks around quickly, looking startled for a moment.

Penta Penguin[]

  • Penta waves his flippers around and shakes his head.
  • Penta rubs his flippers together shiftily, smirking.

Ripper Roo[]

  • Ripper Roo looks over his shoulder and stares at the camera for a second, then turns back around, laughing.
  • Ripper Roo struggles with his straight jacket, pulling at a sleeve with his tongue.

Papu Papu[]

  • Papu Papu scratches his butt.
  • Papu Papu snaps his fingers and points at his mouth.

Komodo Joe[]

  • Joe taps his fingers on the wheel, then turns to the left and hisses at someone.
  • Joe stretches his hands and wiggles his fingers, looking excited.


  • Pinstripe slaps the wheel, looking annoyed, then makes a gesture with his other hand. He then shakes his head and holds a hand out.
  • Pinstripe licks his hand then runs it through his hair.

Fake Crash[]

  • Fake Crash glances around then looks up, opening his mouth wide.
  • Fake Crash picks his teeth.
  • Fake Crash stretches and pretends to fall asleep, then sits back up and put his hands back on the wheel.
  • Fake Crash giggles to himself.

Nitros Oxide[]

  • Oxide looks down at his hands, then forms fists with them and laughs evilly.
  • Oxide checks his nails then rolls his eyes.

Dr. N. Tropy[]

  • N. Tropy brushes something off the front of his armour.
  • N. Tropy crosses his arms for a second.

Crunch Bandicoot[]

  • Crunch rolls his shoulder.
  • Crunch briefly puts his fists on his hips, then pumps his fist in the air.


  • Krunk pulls something out of his beard, then eats it. His feather hat slips to the side of his head in the process, which he re-adjusts.
  • Krunk looks both ways then rolls his eyes and sighs, looking bored.

Small Norm[]

  • Small Norm takes off his hat, lightly brushes something off, then puts it back on.
  • Small Norm taps his hands on the wheel, then points at his wrist impatiently, as if pointing at a watch.

Big Norm[]

  • Big Norm re-adjusts his hat, then slams his fist into his other hand.
  • Big Norm taps his fingers on the wheel, looks at his hand as if looking at a watch, then impatiently crosses his arms for a few seconds.


  • Nash chomps at the air.
  • Nash glances around, snarling.

N. Trance[]

  • N. Trance rolls his eyes.
  • N. Trance taps the emblem on the front of his exoskeleton and leans back and forth, his egg head spinning around in place.

Real Velo[]

  • Velo strokes his beard, then admires the jewelry on his right hand.
  • Velo licks his medal then rubs it, polishing it. He looks it over and nods in satisfaction.


  • Geary's eyes turn red and he forms a fist with his hand, but they quickly return to being green, and he looks around nervously.
  • Geary pulls a vacuum nozzle out of the hole in his chest and vacuums the air.


  • Zam sniffs the air, then barks at something off to his right.
  • Zam's neck expands and retracts like a frog. His tongue shoots out for a second, then he laughs.


  • Zem wipes his nose with the back of his hand.
  • Zem pats his belly, then burps.


  • Tawna leans forward, a determined look on her face.
  • Tawna leans back, pointing at someone aggressively, an angry look on her face.


  • Ami leans forward, looking confident.
  • Ami leans back and nods aggressively.


  • Megumi waves her hands just below her face excitedly.
  • Megumi looks around, then looks back to the front, closing her eyes and smiling brightly.
  • Megumi waves off to something on her right, then looks back to the front, beaming.


  • Liz looks to the side, and smiles at someone, placing a hand on her chest. She leans forward with her hands under her chin, batting her eyes, then waves at someone.
  • Liz rolls her eyes and looks annoyed.


  • Isabella checks her nails.
  • Isabella rolls her eyes then throws up her hands, looking exasperated.

Baby Crash[]

  • Baby Crash reaches upwards, then looks down, looking sad.
  • Baby Crash slowly falls asleep, then jumps awake again.

Baby Coco[]

  • Baby Coco looks at someone off to her left, then looks away shyly.
  • Baby Coco rolls her eyes then smiles.
  • Baby Coco shakes her head, looking disgusted by her pacifier. She spits it out and pulls out a new pacifier and puts it in her mouth.

Baby T[]

  • Baby T gnaws on the wheel, then shakes his head looking disgusted.
  • Baby T sniffs the air and then grins with his tongue hanging out.


  • Spyro yawns and stretches his wings.
  • Spyro looks over his shoulder.


  • Hunter hunches forward, looking scared, but then straightens up and shrugs.
  • Hunter reaches to his left for a high-five, but gets embarrassed when no one returns it and quickly draws his hand back.

Gnasty Gnorc[]

  • Gnasty glares at someone to the right and opens his mouth wide, poking out his tongue slightly.
  • Gnasty yells at someone off to the left.

Komodo Moe[]

  • Moe laughs to himself.
  • Moe strokes his beard.

N. Brio[]

  • Brio laughs to himself, eyes rolling around in their sockets. He shakes his head, returning to a neutral expression.
  • Brio holds out a flask to the right, only to realise there's nothing inside, and tosses it over his shoulder.

Nina Cortex[]

  • Nina extends her left hand, spinning it around and pulling it back in a fist.
  • Nina checks her "nails".

Koala Kong[]

  • Koala Kong glances around and rolls his shoulders aggressively.
  • Koala Kong flexes his muscles.
  • Koala Kong points at people either side of him and gives them a thumbs down, slams a fist into his chest, then pumps his fist.

Pasadena O'Possum[]

  • Pasadena leans forward and rolls her neck.
  • Pasadena adjusts her gloves then her hat.

Ebenezer Von Clutch[]

  • Ebenezer kisses his megaphone.
  • Ebenezer yells into his megaphone only to find it doesn't work. He throws it away and pulls a new one out of his pocket.

King Chicken[]

  • King Chicken pecks at the wheel.

Rilla Roo/Fixed Rilla Roo[]

  • Rilla pats his tummy.
  • Rilla pokes his tongue out to the left, putting his thumbs in his ears and wiggling his fingers.

Yaya Panda[]

  • Yaya makes claw motions to the left and giggles.
  • Yaya shuffles around in her seat excitedly, gripping the wheel.


  • Hasty glances around and gives a thumbs up to the right.
  • Hasty stretches his hands and leans forward, crossing his arms and resting them on the wheel.
  • Hasty rolls his eyes.


  • Chick brushes his sleeve, re-adjusts his bow tie, tosses his microphone in the air and catches it, then strikes a pose.
  • Chick holds out his microphone to the left as if interviewing someone, but soon pulls it back, looking disgusted. He then blows into it, taps it and examines the top.


  • Stew points to the right, then to the left, then pumps his fist.
  • Stew tries to throw his microphone in the air like Chick, but he fumbles and drops it out of the kart. He looks around, embarrassed, then produces a new microphone out of his sleeve.


  • Mega-Mix twitches and then shakes their head.
  • Mega-Mix twitches, points at someone to the right, then slams their fists together threateningly. They then twitch again and return to their neutral pose.
  • Mega-Mix twitches then laughs evilly.

Emperor Velo XXVII[]

  • Velo examines a ring on his right hand, then forms a fist.
  • Velo puts his hand up to his ear and motions with his other hand, then looks disgusted for a moment. He leans forward a little, ears drooping in annoyance, then sits back up.

Lab Assistant[]

  • The Lab Assistant slowly looks around.
  • The Lab Assistant leans forwards fearfully, adjusts his glasses, then sits back up with a nervous smile.
  • The Lab Assistant anxiously gasps for breath, makes his hands into fists for a second, then lightly slaps the sides of his face.

Baby Cortex[]

  • Baby Cortex glances around, craning his neck to see over the steering wheel.
  • Baby Cortex takes out his dummy and laughs maliciously at someone off to the left.
  • Baby Cortex angrily shakes his fist to the left, then to the right.

Baby N. Tropy[]

  • Baby N. Tropy glances around, then up.
  • Baby N. Tropy leans back, crossing his arms and smiling, only for his helmet to slip down over his forehead. He adjusts it, then sits back up.
  • Baby N. Tropy takes his dummy out of his mouth then licks it, stops to think for a moment, then puts it back in.

Iron Checkpoint Crate[]

  • The Iron Checkpoint Crate has no idle animations, as it is merely a crate.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time[]


  • Crash lifts his right foot and groans in disgust as he notices gum stuck to the sole of his shoe. He lifts his leg up high until the gum snaps, making him spin around before regaining his balance.
  • Crash does a little dance, raising his arms behind him and extending a leg alternating between left and right, ending with a spin.
  • Crash sniffs the air and ends up sniffing under his armpit before turning away and grunting in disgust. He then looks at the sole of his right shoe, stares at the camera for a second, then scrapes his foot against the ground.
  • Crash's ears prick up and he looks behind him, glancing around before grinning and standing back up straight. (This has left and right variants.)
  • Crash picks his ear and ends up pulling out a rubber ducky. He stares at it for a second, bewildered, before shrugging and throwing it away.
  • Crash pulls a smartphone out of his back pocket and takes two selfies, one winking and grinning, the other with his tongue out and making rock and roll devil horns with his free hand.
  • Crash yawns loudly and slumps forward for a second.
  • Crash leans forward and shakes himself like a dog before righting himself with a sigh.
  • Crash shivers, rubs his hands together and breathes on them to warm them in snowy levels.


  • Coco tosses her head to get her bang out of her face before glancing around for a second.
  • Coco frowns and lightly tugs on her ponytail before raising her finger as she gets an idea. She quickly types something on her tablet before righting herself.
  • Coco pulls a Wumpa Fruit out of her pocket and takes a bite before putting it away.
  • Coco tosses her tablet into the air and spins it on her finger for a second.
  • Coco types something on her tablet, pauses to think for a moment, then shrugs in frustation and lowers the tablet again.
  • Coco types something on her tablet then beams as a short jingle plays from it. She hugs the tablet for a moment.
  • Coco startles and glances over her left shoulder for a second.
  • Coco annoyedly blows her bang away from her face.
  • Coco glances off to the right and taps on her tablet a few times.
  • Coco slowly looks down at her tablet, then makes a face at it and takes a selfie.


  • Cortex puts away his ray gun and pulls a cup of tea and a saucer out of nowhere. He leans forward as he takes a sip of the tea before throwing the cup and saucer away, shattering them on the ground.
  • Cortex twirls around his ray gun and throws it up into the air, only to dodge frantically as the gun fires down on him from the air. He leans forward to catch the ray gun before it hits the ground, then stands back up.
  • Cortex pulls a smartphone out of his back pocket. He looks at it for a second before angrily throwing it to the ground and shooting it with his ray gun.
  • Cortex throws his head back and does an evil laugh.
  • Cortex poses with his ray gun for a second before kissing it.
  • A fly lands on Cortex's nose. Cortex swats at it and laughs triumphantly before it flies into his mouth. He stands there for a second in shock before coughing it out.
  • Cortex jumps, startled, and glances around for a second before righting himself.
  • Cortex frowns and aims his ray gun off to the left for a second.
  • Cortex looks around, shivering, and rubs his left arm with his free right hand in snowy levels.


  • Dingodile's ears prick up before he turns to look off to the side for a second, then turns back to the front. (This has left and right variants.)
  • Dingodile leans his vacuum cannon against the ground and looks into the muzzle before reaching inside, producing a rubber ducky from within. He then tosses the ducky into his mouth and swallows it before picking the cannon back up.
  • Dingodile sneezes and rubs his snout on his arm.
  • Dingodile aggressively clears his throat and spits on the ground off to the right.
  • Dingodile aims his vacuum cannon upwards and fires it, sending a fish flying out, which he catches in his mouth and eats whole.
  • Dingodile leans the muzzle of his vacuum cannon against the ground and polishes the side of it with his hand.


  • Tawna sneezes into her elbow.
  • Tawna pulls a large dagger out of her back pocket and admires it for a moment, brushing her hair back with her free hand.
  • Tawna points her right hand like a gun and pretends to shoot something off in the distance, blowing on the tip of her pointer finger afterwards.
  • Tawna pulls her hookshoot out of her pocket and spins it around on her finger.
  • Tawna suddenly jumps into an alert pose, pulling out her hookshot with one hand and holding out the other, and briefly glances around before righting herself.
  • Tawna glances off to the right and cracks her knuckles threateningly.
  • Tawna does some leg stretches.
  • Tawna turns to the left and looks around before a second before righting herself.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run![]

In On the Run!, while it isn't possible to stand still during gameplay due to the endless runner playstyle, idle animations are still present, visible when viewing skins and before tapping to start a run.


  • Crash looks to the right and smiles, then looks to the left and pokes his tongue out.
  • Crash scratches his belly and his butt at the same time.
  • Crash puts his left hand on his hip and taps his chin with his right, scratches his head, then stands straight again.
  • Crash scratches his head, poking his tongue out in satisfaction.
  • Crash stretches and yawns.
  • Crash does two thumbs up, smiling and poking his tongue out.
  • Crash does the Crash dance.


  • Coco glances around.
  • Coco jumps into the air, spreading her arms and kicking her legs.
  • Coco looks to the left and scratches her head.
  • Coco does the Crash dance.


  • Coco's N. Sane Trilogy idle animation involving her phone overheating and exploding references the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recalls.
    • Said explosion doesn't hurt Coco, but it does have a hitbox, destroying nearby crates and setting off TNT and Nitro crates, which can kill her.
  • The "Wumpa Volley" idle animation in the N. Sane Trilogy, which involves Crash and Aku Aku playing catch with a Wumpa Fruit, is the result of a contest hosted by Activision and Vicarious Visions in early 2017, entitled simply "Crash Idle Contest". The winners of the contest, Kirsty Capes and Simon Davidian, were announced in this tweet. The contest itself was announced here.
  • In one of Coco's N. Sane Trilogy idle animations where she types on her laptop, she can be seen browsing r/crashbandicoot, a fan-made subreddit on about the Crash Bandicoot franchise.
  • In the N. Sane Trilogy, doing certain idle animations in front of Coco when she's standing by the computer in Warped's Time Twister will cause her to react in some way.
    • If Crash does the Wumpa-throwing idle, she will laugh at Crash when he gets splattered with juice.
    • If Crash does the Crash dance idle, Coco will join in and do the dance as well.
  • In the N. Sane Trilogy, during both the Wumpa volley and Wumpa-throwing idles for Crash, if the player moves Crash before he removes the Wumpa juice, Crash will remain covered in juice for a short period of time.
  • Most characters in Nitro-Fueled have three distinct idle animations. There are, however, a few exceptions: Fake Crash, Megumi, Baby Coco and Mega-Mix have four, King Chicken has two, and the Iron Checkpoint Crate has none.