Iceberg Lab

The Iceberg Lab (ひょうざんラボ lit. Iceberg Lab in Japanese) is one of Cortex's bases which appears in Crash Twinsanity and is the second Hub World of the game. Even though it was never seen being destroyed, Cortex had created a new base by Crash of the Titans. The bottom of the lab is surrounded by a few small islands with gems and hidden creates to collect. After defeating Uka Uka in Ice Climb, Crash is able to take a series of platforms into another room, where he and Cortex must fight a group of ants the Evil Twins send through portals. After defeating all of the ants, Crash may venture into yet another room, where the "improved" Evolvo-Ray, known as the Psychetron, is located.

The Psychetron is actually a failed version of the Evolvo-Ray, and this is shown in Cortex's childhood cutscene, where he tests the Evolvo-Ray prototype on his parrots Victor and Moritz.

Cortex's airship is attached to the Iceberg Lab, which takes Crash and Cortex to Madame Amberly's Academy of Evil.

On the second floor (the throne room), Crash can use the portal that takes him to Victor and Moritz's stronghold of evil, Ant Agony. This is only present in the Tenth Dimensional counterpart of the lab.

There is also a lift that can take Crash to Slip Slide Icecapades or Rockslide Rumble.



  • According to a concept art, the Iceberg Lab originally wasn't going to be an icy area to begin with. It was more of a beach lab or reef lab.
  • A slightly different sped up version of this level's theme goes unused. It can be listened here.
  • The Iceberg Lab is the only Hub World in the game to be connected to the three other Hub Worlds in some way - N. Sanity Island via Capu Capu's boat, The Academy of Evil via the airship, and Twinsanity Island via the Psychetron.
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